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What Does A ShareTown Look Like?

Ever wondered what a town built on principles of sharing and collaboration might look like? Nesta, the UK Agency for Innovation, has developed the...

Mapping the Innovation: How to build the Statistics of the Future

Innovation might sound something tough to map, or at least, complex. Especially when in most of our minds mapping is about drawing a graphic...

Datafication of Everything: Who Owns All The Data ?

Giving people ownership of their personal data through Blockchain

Power To The People: Using Digital Technologies For Direct Democracy

Nesta, a UK based,  global innovation foundation, just launched an interesting report which is part of their long term research entitled "Power to the people:...
A festival for your brain FutureFest

Radical Thinking FutureFest 2016 Brian Eno, Will Self, Melody Hossaini Lineup

Back to the FutureFest from Nesta UK on Vimeo. Future Thinking FutureFest 2016 with Brian Eno, Will Self, Melody Hossaini Lineup FutureFest 2016 is an event...

Winning Together: Guide to Successful Corporate Start-up Collaboration

Nesta launches guide to successful corporate start-up collaboration
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Ten Tips for Running a Successful Creative Business

A common challenge for creative businesses is how they can be both creative and successful. Of course, that is not necessarily easy to achieve,...
Illustration by Monkey Riot

10 Amazing Innovations for 2015

Nesta Predictions for 2015

Is The Sharing Economy Here To Stay ?

“Making sense of the UK Collaborative Economy” an event and new report promoted by Nesta
MaKing it Big! Strategies for scaling Social Innovations

Making it Big! Strategies For Scaling Social Innovations

Strategies for scaling social innovations

Making Innovation Happen Around the World Part 3

Innovations of i-teams

Making Innovation Happen Around the World Part 2

: Innovations of i-teams

Are You Prepared For The Robot Economy ? part 2

How will the robot economy affect employment ? In the first part of this article I have described how the robot economy is already ubiquitously...
Are you ready to the Robots Economy ? Intelligenthq

Are You Prepared for The Robot Economy ? part 1

Review of book " Our work here is done. Visions of a robot economy" published by Nesta

Nesta: Promoting Innovation in the UK

Innovation in the UK is being taken forward by Nesta. Undergoing extensive research into new ideas, Nesta then tries out the best ideas that...

The Open Book Of Social Innovation

What is Social Innovation ? Why is it important ? What does it bring to society, and how is it impacting the world ? Social...

What Type Of Innovator Are You ? New Research By Nesta

Have you ever thought about what type of innovator you are? Or if innovation a vital part of our economic future? Are you an...

Berkeley, Nesta and Cambridge release UK #Alternative #Finance Benchmark Results

In the Financial Services sector, payments have seen a lot of disruption due to the entry of start-ups focus on producing new offerings that...