The Governance And Strategy For The Future Metaverse: Dinis Guarda Interviews Nick Rosa, Metaverse Strategy Lead At Accenture And Author of ‘Understanding the Metaverse’

Dinis Guarda interviews Nicola “Nick” Rosa in the latest episode of the Dinis Guarda Youtube Podcast series. He is the Metaverse Strategy Lead Europe at Accenture. The two discussed the two sides of the recent technological developments, with special focus on the metaverse. They also bring up the need for global standards and governance frameworks. The podcast is powered by the platforms,, and, all under the flagship of Ztudium Limited.

Technological evolution has been a constant process throughout human history, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with new innovations and advancements. Over the past century, we have seen an unprecedented rate of technological progress, with new inventions and innovations constantly emerging to improve our lives and solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

In recent years, however, several trends have emerged that are shaping the direction of technological evolution and driving innovation across a range of industries. From virtual reality and blockchain to biotechnology and autonomous vehicles, these new technologies are reshaping industries and challenging traditional ways of thinking.

Highlighting these advancements, Nick told Dinis about his passion for latest technologies:

“Immersive technologies is a normal evolution of passions that I cultivated across the years that are converging beautifully into the metaverse, that includes blockchain technologies, AI, and quantum computing. So, it’s a truly transformation infrastructure that has some components that are really essential for any digital transformation process and I’m excited to work in this field right now.”

Nevertheless, the rapid pace of technological change also brings with it significant concerns, such as the potential for job displacement, privacy concerns, and ethical issues. As we continue to navigate this technological landscape, it will be important to ensure that these emerging technologies are developed and implemented in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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Technological advancements augment human life

Nick Rosa, Metaverse Strategy Lead Europe At Accenture And Author of ‘Understanding the Metaverse’

Modern technology can be used to improve the quality of life for humans in a variety of ways. The internet, for instance, has opened up new avenues for communication, collaboration, and education, allowing people to connect and learn from each other across the globe. Similarly, artificial intelligence and robotics can be used to automate many tedious tasks, freeing up time for more meaningful pursuits. In the medical field, new technology is being used to diagnose and treat diseases more quickly and accurately than ever before.

As opposed to what is feared, technology can never replace the unique insight and creativity of humans, and will always be dependent on human input and direction. Instead, it can leverage society to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all. For instance, renewable energy technologies can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, while automation can be used to reduce inequality and poverty.

“Every technology that we have invented in the last 200-300 years, created dramatic changes in our society. It’s important to understand that there are pros and cons with technology that is injected into society. It needs to be understood that technology is not going to replace anything, but it is going to augment our life and the speed at which we work. The sooner we realise that we are not enemies but their potential tools to supersize and augment and boost the productivity, the opportunities, and everything we want to do and everything we want to organise”, said Nick. 

However, there are two sides of this advancement. As any new technology grows more pervasive, it becomes equally difficult to manage and regulate. This is why it is necessary to govern technological advancements in order to ensure that they are used responsibly and ethically.

“It’s important to grow up and look at technologies in a more critical way and to put up some boundaries to the use of those technologies for the potential dangers. The ethical aspect of the technologies should be evaluated before designing the blueprint and the foundation of an infrastructure like the metaverse”, Nick highlighted.

The metaverse is our next “moon-shot”

The metaverse is a concept that describes a fully immersive and interactive virtual world that is seamlessly connected with the physical world. It is a digital universe that enables individuals to interact with each other and with virtual objects in real-time.

In his own words, Nick explained metaverse as:

“Metaverse is a highly interconnected and hyperskilled multi-user network of 3D worlds where people will be able to play, work, entertain themselves, connect with people, transact, and move seamlessly from one 3D world to another, bringing with them their own identity, their own currency. It is an ecosystem of digital worlds that are actually fictional and digital assets that will bleed and augment our real world.”

The concept of the metaverse is not new, but recent advancements in technology, such as virtual reality and blockchain, have made it more feasible than ever before. The metaverse has the potential to transform the way we live, work, and play, creating new opportunities for social interaction, commerce, and entertainment.

Explaining the direction where our current efforts need to be focussed, Nick told Dinis:

“Metaverse is our present moon-shot. In the next 10 years, we want to go to this moon. Every single piece of the puzzle that was needed to go to the moon was required to be invented. So, new materials have been invented. Now, these materials are being used for so many other industries like construction, automotive, medical systems, GPS tracking, supply chain, etc. essential for our modern day of living.”

With metaverse, he further explained, the companies are now creating technologies, IPs, and patterns to enable the working infrastructure in the years to come. With platforms like Roblox having 53 million unique users per day, the metaverse is an opportunity for brands, companies and institutions.



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