System Architecture, Software Design, And Open Blockchain: Kåre Kjelstrøm, CTO and CPO of Concordium Group, In The Latest Episode Of Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Series

Dinis Guarda welcomed Kåre Kjelstrøm, CTO and CPO of Concordium Group, in the latest episode of his YouTube Podcast series. The two discuss the evolution of technology in bringing forth some of the unparalleled solutions for humankind and how Concordium’s open blockchain is creating trust between the consumers, service providers, and developers. The podcast is powered by citiesabc, fashionabc, and openbusinesscouncil.

Dinis asked Kåre Kjelstrøm about his early years in the world of software and computer sciences. Kåre told him that he got interested in technology and computers right from his school days, developing his first code at the young age of 16.

“What always fascinated me with computer science is really the blend between the real and the virtual. And that’s what you get when you start digitising stuff. Work is really interesting when you see the emergence of new things, things that weren’t possible before because you blended tech with the real world”, he said.

As the discussion progressed, Kåre told Dinis about his progress in software engineering with the evolution of technology, the reason that led him to the world of blockchain. Speaking about the technology, he said that the overall focus of blockchain should be on how to help businesses improve the present market scenario.

“The whole thing is currently about the investments, that’s not how it should go. It should really go as how blockchain can help businesses improve by making more money or saving money, and how blockchain can enable technology for people to be able to do business and interact with each other in new ways that weren’t possible before.”

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Concordium: Building an ecosystem of trust

Dinis asked Kåre to explain how Concordium is providing solutions for people in the blockchain space. Kåre told him that what makes Concordium stand out from the other projects is that it has Self-Sovereign Ids built into the core blockchain layer.

“With Concordium you are not just able to have an underlying layer of trust where you can interact and create businesses, but you can also have an identity, which is an added layer of trust”, he said.

He told Dinis that Concordium is a blue-collar company that aims to become a blockchain where more traditional companies feel safe working.

Balancing Technology and Strategy: The Uber Case

Before Concordium, Kåre served as a manager at Uber, running Core Storage building, a highly scalable distributed ledger and storage solutions. Dinis asked him to share some of his learnings from the project, one of the most successful use cases of technology for creating path-breaking solutions for humankind.

“Any piece of s/w written these days has to have a reason for being, and Uber is no different. Having a very strong idea about the business that you are in, and being very certain about where you are headed is very critical of success”, Kåre said.

He shared that for successful software development, one has to “build a minimal viable prototype initially that addresses one or two key use cases to actually makes this work”, and then iterate it constantly to bring value to the system.

Presenting the nuances of the project development, he presented a valid argument for how Uber was successful in establishing the project:

“Uber had a very healthy balance between pushing out new features and iterating the products from the business side, taking a hit on the technical depth from time to time, and re-architecting the most technical pieces when you needed it. And then as the success started growing, and the company started expanding, that poses new sets of challenges because building at hyper-growth is completely different from building in a stable environment.”



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