Demystifying The Metaverse: Tommaso Di Bartolo, Author Of ‘Navigating The Metaverse’ On Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Series

Dinis Guarda interviews Tommaso Di Bartolo, Author of “Navigating the Metaverse: A Guide to Limitless Possibilities in a Web 3.0 World”, in the latest episode of his YouTube Podcast series to discuss the metaverse in its true sense and limitless ways to unlock the opportunities it holds within itself. 

A serial entrepreneur, startup investor, author, and an advisor to some of Silicon Valley’s most renowned startup accelerators such as Google Launchpad, Draper University, and The Alchemist, Tommaso Di Bartolo featured in the latest episode of Dinis Guarda YouTube podcast series. Asked by Dinis Guarda about his background early in the interview, Tommaso told about his journey from Sicily in Italy to Silicon Valley.

Relating his story, Tommaso said:

“Being from certain parts of the world and certain places gives you more challenging access. Never forget where you come from, it keeps you humble. But where you come from cannot limit where you want to go. I made my weaknesses my strength, I learned early on that in order for you to succeed you cannot just do, but you need to excel. This is in my DNA.”

Dinis highlighted the multiple hats that Tommaso wears and prompted him to share his experiences. “You don’t aim to achieve the responsibility. You mature into responsibilities.”, Tommaso said.

An academic at some of the esteemed universities of the world, including UC Berkeley, Tommaso unfolded the layers within his personality. As the interview progressed, it turned into a masterclass for deeper topics like entrepreneurship and the metaverse.

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A pathway to entrepreneurship

Tommaso believes that one does not need to get a certificate for being an entrepreneur, it is something that comes from within. Sharing the pathway to becoming an entrepreneur, he emphasised that one needs to be curious because curiosity initiates a circle of execution and learning, that motivates a person towards making an impact in life.

“Once you are an entrepreneur, i.e. you are focussed on solving problems, it starts a chain reaction, and then you cannot stop just because the problem you solved was too strong to rise your interests there.”, he said.

Finding immersiveness with the metaverse

Dinis has read Tommaso’s co-authored ‘Navigating The Metaverse: A Guide to Limitless Possibilities in a Web 3.0 World’, and has also featured it in one of his episodes of the Booksabc series. Referring to the book, he asked Tommaso to highlight the core of the metaverse concept, demystifying what is and what is not the metaverse.

Explaining the various aspects of the metaverse, Tommaso cleared the air around it, differentiating between the myths and the actual layers of immersion that it brings along. He shared his vision of the metaverse with an example:

“Close your eyes right now. And when you open, the chair or table or any object you are looking at has an additional data layer that you can access and purposefully be a part of that layer, that’s what metaverse is. This is what helps humankind access a new dimension.”

Further, explaining the role of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the metaverse, he further said:

“Within this data layer, you have utilities of Non-fungible Tokens, which is a supply and demand of this digital asset, that you then can incorporate, co-create, own, and sell, and it basically becomes a gamified way of you interacting and having more depth understanding of products or places that you are curious.”

Web 2.0 has reached its limits

When Dinis asked Tommaso if the businesses are ready to embrace the metaverse, he shared the numbers to explain that Web 2.0 has reached its limits, and the world is at the dawn of the age of immersiveness. Explaining the concept, he added:

“Immersiveness is when you as a human being are being a part of something, rather than you looking at that thing. Immersiveness is when all your senses- how you look, feel, or touch things are activated. You are a part of that very specific content that is all around you. What it does to you is that you are way more involved, and engaged, and your attention span is way more dedicated to it. So, immersiveness is fundamental to the world of the metaverse.”

Presenting his vision of the metaverse, he said: “The mass-adopted metaverse is going to be with you all the time. So, you are not joining something, you just use the metaverse to get access to the digital world and the Web 3.0 benefits.”



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