Choosing the Best Toilet Hire for Your Event

Choosing the Best Toilet Hire for Your Event

If you’re planning an outdoor event, you need to think about every last detail. But do you know which portable loo is right for you and your guests? From a single toilet for an 18th birthday to a luxury toilet block for a wedding, getting the toilet hire right can make the difference between a good event and a truly memorable one.

Why is the right toilet hire important?

Matching the right facilities to the event can really set the tone for the day. After all, you wouldn’t hire a standard toilet for a luxurious marquee wedding. So why is toilet hire so important? Put yourself in your guest’s shoes. Not being able to find toilet facilities when you need to go can be uncomfortable and frustrating. And that, in turn, can really impact on your guests’ enjoyment of the day.

If you’re organising a corporate event, then failing to provide adequate facilities reduces customer satisfaction and creates a poor impression of your organisation, leading to the kind of bad reviews and negative feedback no one wants to receive. Providing the same standards of cleanliness and hygiene that your guests would expect to find at home puts everyone at ease.

What types of toilet hire are available?

When it comes to event toilet hire there are a number of options that can work for any situation from a big birthday bash or a music event to a corporate away day or a high-end wedding.

The standard recirculating toilet is a great all-rounder that can be set up anywhere, even in a field. Cost-effective and self-contained, this type of unit is independent of power and plumbing so it can be situated right where your guests need it. Choose the hot water option or a trailer-mounted toilet when expectations of comfort are higher. An easy to set up and use urinal unit is another smart choice when you’re dealing with a crowd, helping to reduce waste and keep queues down to a minimum.

A separate, portable wash station is a must for any event where livestock are present or food preparation is undertaken. Taking health and hygiene seriously will give your events a well-deserved reputation for being clean and well organised. No one wants to end a fun day out with an upset stomach because the toilet facilities weren’t up to scratch.

When luxury matters

Whether you’re organising a formal corporate event with guests in evening dress or a fabulous marquee wedding, you need toilet hire facilities to match. Luxury toilet trailers come with those little extras that make a real difference and deliver the kind of comfort you’d expect to find at a high-end event.

Far more discreet than other types of hire toilets, luxury trailers will integrate seamlessly at your event and can even be installed directly into the marquee.

Comfort and hygiene for all

Any event should always include one or more portable disabled toilet units to ensure the comfort and hygiene of every guest. These large and fully self-contained units are sized to accommodate a wheelchair or buggy and incorporate baby changing facilities so parents of babies will feel at ease. Not only will you fulfil your legal obligations under the Equality Act but you’ll provide safe, comfortable and hygienic toilet hire for all your guests, whatever their age or level of mobility.

How do I choose the right toilet for my event?

Choosing the right toilet units for your event is usually at the bottom of your to-do list, but get it wrong and you can negatively impact the event. For a more formal event, it makes sense to hire a luxury toilet block, while a recirculating standalone toilet is the ideal choice for a festival in a field.

Any event that involves small children, older people or food should provide a dedicated wash station for extra hygiene. And never forget disabled toilet hire to make your event comfortable, hygienic and inclusive for all. A well-chosen private toilet will make it an event to remember!

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