Why Traditional Marketing Isn’t Going Away

Why Traditional Marketing Isn’t Going Away

The fact that “content is king” should have signalled the death knell for traditional marketing methods. But experts have said otherwise, proving that Jurassic Era audience outreach strategies are still roaming business terrains – although, they’re struggling to keep up with all the digital innovations.

In an article, Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers is able to outline several observations that address the supposed death of traditional marketing. He goes on to say that such approaches as radio and TV advertisements remain relevant to this day. And instead of concluding that these approaches are slowly dying on account of massive reductions in ad revenues, DeMers would rather point out that these methods are evolving.

“…New innovations may transform them into a more hybridized and effective medium,” DeMers says.

With that, it’s important to underscore the benefits that made traditional marketing appealing in the first place. The future might be bleak for these methods, but it is certain that we can see their place in it.

Greater outreach

One thing that traditional methods are thankful for is the fact that not all people are exposed to digital messaging. Focusing more on digital brand exposure can be limiting. That alone should convince companies to continue adopting print and broadcast ads into their marketing plans. They can do well in fully saturating audiences that are not online most of the time.

Direct engagements

Another selling point of traditional marketing is its ability to bring your brand closer to your audience. Considering that most audiences have gotten used to “warm” and “cold” media, spending on radio ads and billboards can still produce the best results. 

Integration with other media

Apparently, traditional marketing is not on the verge of extinction. It just changes with the times and marketers are still finding ways on how to maximize their strengths. One such advantage is that traditional marketing can be integrated with digital platforms. For instance, you can set up a billboard that promotes a product or service and, at the same time, encourages your audience to like, share or subscribe. Traditional strategies can also work best with telemarketing. Through prints ads, you can encourage your audience to visit your site and subscribe to your mailing list. You can then allow your telemarketers to follow up on the details they want to know. For this, outbound calling by Ameridial is the best way to go.


In an article published on Think Strategic, using hard copies in your marketing is still a good way to bridge your brand to your audience. SMB CEO, moreover, points out that hard copies make it easier for your audience to process what you’re saying. In this sense, investing in brochures and posters can greatly enhance your audience outreach efforts.


There’s no questioning social media’s value towards brand building, but it doesn’t always work out for the best if you’re a startup seeking to make some noise online. One thing’s for sure, you are competing with other businesses over search engine rankings. Using passive means like posters, flyers and brochures, on the other hand, eases this problem as they allow offline audiences to consume your message.