How to buy cryptocurrency online in 2022

How to buy cryptocurrency online

How to buy cryptocurrency online ? In 2022, buying cryptocurrency is a multi-step process, but it is simpler than ever before and very accessible by anyone with a computer or smartphone and some money to spare. After you’ve found the right website to buy from and have figured out how many coins you want to buy, it’s time to make a purchase.

How to buy cryptocurrency online in 2022

How to buy cryptocurrency online

But STOP! Before you dive headlong into the world of buying crypto, do first consider the risks to your capital wealth, and do your research to ensure you know what you are doing.

You should not buy crypto on a hunch, or a tip from a friend or colleague, and as with any share, options or standard fiat currency purchase you should do whatever you can to minimise your risk, as cryptocurrency is still an emerging and very volatile market, as widely reported in the news, hence we would recommend you only buy crypto with available money that you can afford to lose.

Obviously with the increased risk of loss, comes the opportunity of potentially large rewards, so if you are sure, you are ready to buy some cryptocurrency online, then let us show you how.

How to buy crypto online in 2022, take these steps:

  1. First you would need a Crypto wallet or account, we will see later in this article some examples of these.
  2. Login to your crypto broker account or wallet with the crypto company of choice.
  3. Verify your identity via webcam or phone app if necessary for larger transactions.
  4. Decide which crypto you would like to purchase, ideally based on your own detailed research of that chosen cryptocurrency.
  5. Send funds from your bank account to your newly created crypto wallet by entering wallet address provided by your chosen crypto broker, or some will issue you a sort code and bank account number in your name to transfer funds to (note: Wire transfers may take a few days depending on where you are sending from).
  6. Use the funds you have transferred into your crypto wallet to purchase the crypto of your choice
  7. Receive your purchased cryptocurrency into your wallet or on the exchange site.
  8. Have fun with your new coins!

Please be aware these steps given may differ based on broker, company, or crypto wallet you are using.

Our top 3 choices of some of the most popular websites where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency online in 2022:

Coinbase – this is one of the best for beginners and the most popular in 2022, i contains a lot of beginner articles to learn more about cryptocurrency and allows users to earn some free altcoins while they learn. – Reputedly the best for low fees, and certainly if you intend to buy and sell a lot of crypto, or partake in a lot of transactions, then the fees would be something to consider. – fees are lower than Coinbase, but not as low as Binance, but this one is known to be best for security overall

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This article is about buying crypto online in 2022 where purchasing cryptocurrency will still be a multi-step process starting with finding the right website or app to buy from and then verifying one’s identity before finally transferring funds to buy said crypto coins.

The author of this article does not constitute any of the details contained within this article or this website as financial advice and this should not be read or taken as such. You should therefore take specialist independent financial advice before buying any cryptocurrency or digital currency online.