Infographic: Top 20 #Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in the World

Silicon Valley look out! london is catching up, in the race to become the top No. 1 entrepeneurial ecosystem in the world. Dispite recent additions like level39, London will have to continue to work hard to innovate, as cities like Sao Paulo, Brazil and Bangalore, have become successful startup hubs over the last 10 years. This infographic is based on Startup Genome’s Startup Ecosystem Report 2012, which ranked the top 20 most active startup scenes in the world based on criteria including funding, entrepreneurial mindset, trendsetting, support and talent. 

Since its inception the Startup Genome, together with researchers from UC Berkeley, Oxford, and Stanford, and entrepreneurial thought leaders like Steve Blank, has also released a number of well-regarded reports on the startup lifecycle, the success and failure of startups, and startup ecosystems, that have been adopted into the curriculum of more than 100 universities, incubators and accelerators.

Building a Startup Ecosystem from Ben Yoskovitz

A lot of innovation seems to be taking place on the West coast of North America which has four Hotspots: 1 – Silicon Valley; 3 – Los Angeles; 4 – Seattle; and 9 – Vancouver. Recently, Be Great Partners (BGP), the leading technology incubator in Los Angeles, started an active $6 million fund to expand LA’s startup ecosystem and bring the most talented tech startups and continued long-term job growth to Los Angeles, specifically its Miracle Mile. It also brought in a high caliber of professionals to help guide the vision, strategy, marketing, and development of selected portfolio companies to build them into successful ventures. Mentors include highly experienced and successful professional which include, Joel Holland, Alex Zhardanovsky and Darcy Wedd.

Joel Holland grew Video Blocks, the first subscription-based provider of stock video and audio, to the #4 Fastest Growing Media Company according to Inc. Magazine, making the prestigious Inc. 500 list.