Koji Murata, CEO New Era India On India, The Future of Work & The Recruitment Industry

Dinis Guarda interviews Koji Murata, CEO New Era India, Director Future Focus Infotech about the Future of Work & Recruitment Industry

Koji Murata is the Country Head at en world India, CEO at New Era India, Director at Future Focus Infotech, CxO Search, RPO, Tech Staffing. With more than a decade of association with en-japan inc., Mr. Koji Murata has worked on HR tech business, Job Board, Executive Search and New products for Senior Level candidates across Asia Pacific region. Mr. Murata is passionate to explore different aspects for Human Resource as he intends to make a better world for next generations.

Koji Murata Interview focus

1. An introduction from you – background, overview, education…
2. Japanese Background
3. Career highlights
4. Your company / companies, organisations and focus?
5. How do you see Society 5.0 – 4IR and all areas of digital transformation?
6. What are your views on our society, technology and digital transformations?
7. What are your goals and how do you see the future of work and the main trends in tech and society?
8. With Covid-19 what ways do you envision to redesign our society with technology and social impact?
9. What are your visions for the present and future?

Koji Murata Interview Quotes and Highlights

· I grew up in Kobe, a city in Japan and went to the university there. I did a few years of university in the UK, in the university of Leeds. I then started to work in a Japanese company. I have been working in the same company since I started my career and I have grown and moved up in the company ladder to top management positions. My company acquired two new companies in the technology space in Asia which I manage right now. At the moment, I am settled in India.

· As a Japanese, I feel like the decision-making process in Japan is very slow, it is a society based on trust and you need to nurture trust over time. In fact, Japan is very different from other Asian countries. For example, Vietnam, where I worked for a few years, is growing very fast and I think it is because of their positive approach to problem solving and hard-working habits. Japan is a very structured and very money driven economy. People there usually work in only one company during their entire career.

· However, things are changing now with young people more willing to experience and open their minds when it comes to their careers.

· India is the true meaning of diversity. You can see diversity everywhere, different cultures, traditions, religions, languages, people, even laws. When I came here the first time I went to Delhi and people there were a bit aggressive in the way they do business but I had some friends and they were really close and charming too.

· About technology and data. What I see where more people struggle is understanding how important and critical data is in today’s world. And that is something that can be found anywhere in the world. With our company, New Era India,

· We train people to become digital savvy and provide them with the right tools to understand technology in a deeper manner.

· About recruitment. I think recruiters must use valuable data but they need to be humans because what companies need to hire are humans, not mere assets. In fact, like Amazon did before, AI and computing algorithms only see the numbers, they can’t measure certain important aspects in the recruitment process.

· With our company we try to research and understand the market we are in and what are the needs of these companies and the type of people they are looking for. Data is really important for us to find the best candidates for companies. We also started assessment solutions to do that. This way we can look at social media and other data points, which is critical for companies who are hiring specific candidates. Right now, we are working towards creating an automation system for recruitment through data points.

· Trends in the recruitment market. Automation is a really big trend in the market. Healthcare at the moment is a hotspot and they are trying to find the best candidates, really fast. Another trend is voice communication solutions to perform interviews online. Regarding what companies are looking for, technology experts are the most sought after.

· How to hire the best candidate? For startups and small companies it is really important to find the best candidate but it is hard to do so. That is why we need systems that help with the process. Sometimes the important thing is someone with very strong technical skills while in other situations someone with social skills is more important. That is why we are creating a platform that can speed up the process and find the perfect balance and the perfect candidate for the company.

· COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted the whole world, but some countries are managing better than others. In India, and from our industry, recruitment has gone to lowest levels in years, there is basically no market movement. Lack of information and uncertainty doesn’t help either, companies don’t know what’s going to happen in the future so they are holding all their recruitment activities.

· About the future of work. People best positioned to get better jobs in the future are those who can really bring extra value to the company, people that can do different things and have different skill sets.

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Koji Murata Biography

Mr. Murata is heading Indian operations at New Era India from January 2017 where through his strategic foresight, drive and determination, Mr. Murata is driving India business to new heights. Aligning en world core competence ‘Success after Joining’ in a dynamic market like India, not only has he brought a pyramid shift in Indian recruitment market with competitive value add service and with a Data driven approach, his Indian team is leveraging en world global learning while maintaining local competency in the market.

Founded in 1993, New Era India Consultancy is one of the leading Executive Search, Contingency Search, Talent Management, Employer Branding, HR Consulting & RPO solution providers with multi-domain expertise across India and Asia Pacific. Setting strategy and direction. Modeling and setting the company’s culture, values, and behavior. Building and leading the senior executive team. Allocating capital to the company’s priorities.

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