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Guide to collaborative economy part 4 - peer to peer insurance

Guide to Collaborative Finance – Part 4

When our network of friends are our insurance
Social Saving. The Intelligenthq series on Collaborative Finance Part 3

Guide to Collaborative Finance Part 3

Social Saving: Saving through Social Commitment and Technology
Intelligenthq Series on Collaborative Finance Part 2

Guide To Collaborative Finance Part 2

Peer to Peer Lending

7 Tips for Being Better at Finance

When you’re running a small business in any sector, the pressure is on to get everything right and for directors in particular to have...
Collaborative Finance Intelligenthq

Guide To Collaborative Finance Part 1

Democratizing Finance, Money and Banking Through Collaborative Finance

Dogfinance organizes Finance Happy Hour in London

Yesterday evening occurred an interesting event in the Neo Barbican in London. Entitled the "Finance Happy Hour", the event promised to be a key networking opportunity for Dogfinance...

Four Types of Alternative Finance for Businesses

The world and its individual economies have moved on in a million ways since the onset of the financial crisis of 2008 but, in...

The Finance Innovation Lab

What if there was a way for the financial system to work for both the people and the planet? A system that was democratic,...

How The Finance Innovation Lab Is Transforming Finance

"Transforming Finance" is a film done by The Finance Innovation Lab that maps the current financial situation and points alternatives for the future.

Europe’s 50 “hottest” FinTech businesses

Some businesses are really outstanding movers and shakers, driving industry and business forward to exciting all-new heights. In February 2014, the top 50 FinTech...

Top Technology Trends Shaping Accounting and Finance in 2014

Understanding the trends that are occurring in technology can help with better financial planning and budgeting. Accounting and finance professionals can benefit from comprehending...

Twitter Files IPO – How has the Company Evolved and Should...

Twitter filed with regulators on September 12th to go public, which means their initial public offering (IPO) is coming soon.  The rumor is they're...
Active trader London Event

Active Trader London Trading Top Event by CityAm

City A.M. launched in September 2005 and operating as an independent media company is the leading London City financial outlet and on a daily basis...