What University Programs Have Math Prerequisites?

A common complaint you’ll hear in math class is that you’ll never need to use it in “real” life. That is anything but true.

Math will come in handy in a wide variety of everyday activities, from personal banking to cooking to exercising. Your math courses can also help you get into the career of your dreams. You’ll need some of the course credits to get accepted into a lot of exciting programs.

These are just some of the programs you’ll need math credits for:


Are you interested in joining an engineering program? Then, you will need to have several math credits on your high school transcript. Expect to see courses like Advanced Functions and Calculus & Vectors listed under the program’s application requirements.

Engineering programs will also have high standards for grades. For instance, the University of Toronto lists their minimum entering grades to be 88-95% in Engineering. So, it’s not enough to have the correct math credits — you will also have to get excellent grades, too.


With a Kinesiology degree, you can get a job as a physiotherapist, personal trainer or ergonomics consultant. To get into Kinesiology, you will need credits in mathematics. One of the best Kinesiology programs in the country is at McMaster University. Their program requires applying students to have Calculus & Vectors, and their anticipated admission average is in the high 80s and low 90s.


Are you interested in the field of psychology? An undergraduate program in Psychology also requires several math credits for admission.

For instance, the University of Waterloo has an impressive Department of Psychology. Their admission requirements for the undergraduate program include Advanced Functions and Calculus & Vectors, with a minimum final grade of 70% in both courses. Students should also have two of the following courses: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics of Data Management, Physics and Earth & Space Science.


If you want to jump into a food science and nutrition program, you should expect to see at least one “4U” (12th grade, university-level) mathematics course listed as an application requirement. Some programs will also recommend that you complete additional mathematics courses to improve your experience. Recommendations are helpful to follow but not mandatory.

What Other Programs Require Credits in Mathematics?

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Forensic Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Economics
  • Commerce
  • Geography

What If You Don’t Have Those Credits?

You don’t have the essential mathematics credits to apply for the university program that you want to. What can you do?

It’s not too late to take those math courses. Start by signing up for an accredited virtual high school. A virtual high school will allow you to take important math courses like MHF4U at your own pace. You have up to 12 months to complete the entire course. If you’d like to speed up the process, you can complete it in 4 weeks. Once you’ve passed the course, you’ll receive the official credit toward your OSSD.

What Math Courses Can You Take Through Virtual High School?

  • MCV4U (Grade 12 Calculus & Vectors)
  • MDM4U (Grade 12 Mathematics of Data Management)
  • MHF4U (Grade 12 Advanced Functions)
  • MCF3M (Grade 11 Functions and Applications)
  • MCR3U (Grade 11 Functions)

Math classes are really important, even when high school is over. Get the math course credits that you missed. Then, you can apply to the university programs of your dreams.