Empathy in Leadership

Empathy in Leadership
Empathy in Leadership

Can too much empathy be harmful? Darren Schreiber gave an interview to IM Magazine, where he discussed this topic. Darren Schreiber is a lecturer and a researcher based at the University of Exeter. Darren Schreiber’s first book, Your Brain is Built for Politics, synthesizes a decade of research and develops novel insights into political sophistication, partisanship, racism, and voting behavior, using neuroscience tools such as functional imaging and neural network models.

Schreiber studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics as an undergraduate at Claremont McKenna College. After college, he attended UC Davis School of Law, where he focused on civil rights litigation. Unsatisfied with the intellectual life of a lawyer, he moved to academia. While earning his Ph.D. in Political Science at UCLA, Darren Schreiber developed an agent-based computer simulation of the formation and dynamics of political parties.

He has pioneered the subfield of neuropolitics with the first use of functional brain imaging (fMRI) to study the neural foundations of politics. His long-term objective is to integrate his agent-based models of macro political dynamics with his computational model of political cognition in individuals in order to illuminate the emergence of political ideology in mass publics.

You can check I’M Magazine to watch the rest of Darren Schreiber’s interview.


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