Web3 Security And 4IR Take Center Stage At The Intellect Horizon 2023

The Intellect Horizon Conference 2023, scheduled for October 28, is set out to redefine the way we perceive and engage with 4IR technologies, including Extended Reality (XR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Web3. With speakers from the Asia School of Business, MIT, Oxford, Cornell, XBOX, and beyond, Intellect Horizon is a confluence of diverse insights, groundbreaking ideas, and unparalleled expertise.

Web3 Security And 4IR Take Center Stage At The Intellect Horizon 2023

The Intellect Horizon Conference is a 24-hour digital event that champions the cause of universal education accessibility, transcending geographical boundaries. While technology forms the core of an overall discussion at the conference, it embraces a holistic perspective, with dedicated sessions on sustainability, diversity, and lifelong learning in our rapidly evolving world.

Eminent speakers from global institutions such as the Asia School of Business, Dragonscale AI, University of Oxford, MIT, Cornell, National University Singapore, University of Waterloo, and others will attend the conference with their invaluable insights.

Events at the Intellect Horizon Conference

One of the conference’s highlights, the Web3 Security Workshop, will cover a diverse range of vital topics. These include strategies for safeguarding digital assets and products in the realm of Web3 cybersecurity, ensuring the safety of participants and consumers in the crypto world, understanding the intricacies of building secure Web3 products, and emphasizing the significance of code security for both owners and developers.

The fireside chat promises to explore the future of Web3 security protocols, the potential unleashed by AI-driven tools, advanced cryptographic techniques, and the ever-evolving landscape of smart contract platforms. Within the AI/ML in cybersecurity segment, discussions will delve into AI-powered threat intelligence, behavioral analytics, deep fake detection, digital identity verification, and the application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the realm of cyber threat intelligence, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of this critical intersection of technology and security.

Why attend the Intellect Horizon Conference?

The event provides an opportunity for attendees to immerse in the world of XR, AI, and Web3 technologies that are reshaping our future. It’s a chance to interact with these innovations under the guidance of experts and to connect with industry leaders, startups, and influential figures from across the globe. The Intellect Horizon Conference 2023 is set to define the next era of education and technology.

Attendees can look forward to engaging segments like the high-octane ‘Cyber Clash,’ the visionary ‘Starshot Startups,’ and the unifying ‘Starship Seekers.’ These interactive sessions not only inform but also inspire.

Showcasing the prowess of AI, Web3, and XR is the Digital-Physical Hackathon, where AI bots, led by field commanders and hackmasters, navigate intricate battle arenas.

The conference offers the opportunity to network with industry trailblazers, forward-thinking startups, and investment leaders from around the world. The attendees can witness the power of collective intelligence firsthand and forge meaningful partnerships and collaborations.

How to Register?

Registration and participation in this transformative event are entirely free. Secure your spot now by visiting www.intellecthorizon.com to be part of a global movement that’s driving the future of education and technology.