Digitalisation Of Education: Dinis Guarda Interviews Nicki Hambleton, Apple Distinguished Educator & Founder of NiH Consultancy

In recent years, with the growth of digital technology, education and visual note-taking has gone through a significant transformation. In the latest episode of his YouTube podcast series, Dinis Guarda hosts an in-depth discussion on the evolution of education and visual note-taking with the guest, Nicki Hambleton, an Apple Distinguished Educator and Founder of NiH Consultancy. The podcast is powered by openbusinesscouncil, fashionabc, citiesabc, and sportsabc.

Visual note-taking is a technique used to capture and organise information in a visual way. Instead of relying on traditional text-based note-taking methods, visual note-taking relies on the use of images, symbols, and diagrams to convey ideas and information.

An important tool to enhance learning, increase retention and boost creativity, visual note-taking transforms complex concepts into visual representations to improve understanding of a subject, connecting ideas, and identifying patterns and relationships.

Additionally, visual notes are more engaging and memorable than traditional text-based notes, making them an effective tool for presentations, brainstorming sessions and creative problem-solving.

Sharing her inspirations and experiences in visual note-taking, Nicki Hambleton told Dinis:

“Not-taking is a concept of listening, thinking about the most important points, extracting information, synchronising the key points, and then being able to retell that information, reshare, and recall in the follow up time. All these things circulate around the concepts of neuro-science; something that is not taught in schools.”

Nicki Hambleton is a trained cognitive coach and consultant in visual arts, and thinking and learning strategies. She utilises her visual note-taking skills by providing workshops and one-on-one sessions on visual thinking, creativity and sketchnotes. She established NiH Consultancy to help participants bring their ideas to life and make presentations more engaging.

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How does visual note-taking impact the neuro-psychology of an individual?

Visual note-taking, also known as sketchnoting, is a powerful tool that helps in better retention of information. By combining images, symbols, and text, visual notes create a more memorable and engaging way to capture information. Research shows that visuals are processed more quickly and easily by the brain than text alone, making visual note-taking a highly effective learning tool.

A COETAIL graduate certificate holder and an alumnus of the University of Exeter’s Masters in Education: Technology, Creativity and Thinking online course, Nicki did her thesis on the significance of incorporating visual and spatial methodologies for retrieval and the effects on long-term memory. Highlighting her studies and research experiences, she told Dinis:

“I started working with students and learnt that most of them lacked effective learning strategies. They had to learn so much information higher up the school. So, I worked on a little online course with them about visual strategies on learning, and when the data came back, I found out that it really made a difference. 

However, the most important revelation of all this was that it really impacted their level of confidence and well-being as well. That was quite a driving force.”

Digitalisation of visual note-taking

Digitalisation Of Education: Dinis Guarda Interviews Nicki Hambleton, Apple Distinguished Educator & Founder of NiH Consultancy
Digitalisation Of Education: Dinis Guarda Interviews Nicki Hambleton, Apple Distinguished Educator & Founder of NiH Consultancy

There are many different techniques and styles of visual note-taking, including sketchnoting, mind mapping, and flowcharting. Each of these techniques has its own strengths and can be used in different situations. However, the digitalisation of visual note-taking has revolutionised the way people capture and organise information.

Digital tools for visual note-taking have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their many benefits over traditional pen and paper methods. While digital tools make it easier to edit and refine notes, it also allows unlimited space and the ability to add multimedia elements such as images and videos, enhancing their overall quality and effectiveness.

Digital notes are easy to share with others via email, messaging apps, or online collaboration platforms. This facilitates better collaboration on projects, leading to increased productivity and effectiveness. They are also convenient to be stored online, making them easy to access any time and from any device.

With the advancement of technology, digital tools have made it easier than ever to create and share visual notes. Instead of relying on traditional pen and paper methods, individuals can now use tablets, smartphones, and specialized software to digitise their note-taking process.

Sharing her journey of experimenting with technology, Nicki told Dinis:

“When I came across an I-pad, it was like a magic tablet of fun. I found it so liberating to be able to make notes, draw, erase, cut and move things, like we could never do with paper and ink.”

Digitalisation also enables the integration of multimedia elements, such as images, videos, and audio recordings. This allows users to enhance their notes and capture different types of information in one place. With digital tools, users can also easily share their notes with others in different formats, such as PDF or image files.

“It was like a new phase in my journey. I started presenting the power visuals through these sketch notes and animation as part of the presentations to share my story. I gradually moved from passionate about drawing to passionate about expressing with digital elements”, said Nicki.



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