Where to Sell Old Computer Parts

Are you thinking of selling your old computer parts?

Well, you will be pleased to know there are several places where you can trade items like CPU, GPU, SSD, RAM, Gaming Console and your Laptop or PC for a profit.

If this is something you want to do but you don’t know where to start, here are some good options.

Where to Sell Old Computer Parts

ITAD Companies

Arguably, the best place to sell your old computer parts, particularly if you are a company that has gone into liquidation, is at an ITAD company.

Information technology asset disposition companies specialise in buying IT hardware in bulk and then selling it across several other channels to maximise their ROI.

Generally speaking, ITAD companies will be able to process your order fairly quickly, so you should see a return for your equipment quite soon.

Just make sure you deep clean them first.

Pop Up Shop or Market

If you want to sell your old computer equipment directly to the public, your best bet is to open up a pop-up shop or hire a stall at a market specialising in electrical equipment.

Try to ensure that you do this in an area with high foot traffic to give you the best chance of selling your parts.

You should also consider short term EFTPOS hire solutions such as Smartpay to process any sales you make.


If you don’t fancy the idea of personal selling on a face-to-face level, you could always try selling online.

As one of the internet’s oldest marketplaces, you can sell pretty much anything on the platform, including old computer parts.

What is great about eBay is that it is very trustworthy, thanks to the rating system it employs for buyers and selling. So, if you have other things to sell besides computer equipment, you can quickly build up a good reputation for yourself.

Facebook Marketplace area

For those preferring to sell locally, Facebook Marketplace is a good bet as it defaults to your local area. That said, you can change the parameters to widen the search area if you find you haven’t been able to attract a suitable buyer.

It is worth noting that if you decide to use Facebook Marketplace to sell your old computer equipment, you will be competing with small businesses and other individuals who might also be selling their computer parts. So, you should be mindful of what else is available when putting a price point on your goods.

As the entire selling process is controlled by you, it is important to post excellent pictures and respond to any enquiries as quickly as possible. Buyers won’t hang around forever.


SellGPU is a website based in Texas whose dedicated purpose is to buy and sell used and old computer parts for money.

They buy computer equipment such as PC parts, SSD cards, RAM, servers, CPU and GPU from all over the world, not just the USA. (Often you can receive money in just 72 hours if you are based in America).

The website is easy to use. All you need to do is fill out an online form to receive an instant quote of how much they will pay you. Typically, they offer an attractive price.

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon is another of the internet’s biggest marketplaces, so you won’t be surprised to discover that you can sell your old computer parts through it.

However, while Amazon Trade-In provides you with a vehicle for doing so, it is more set up for smart tech and home devices, rather than computer parts. Subsequently, you might find it a bit harder to trade older parts.

Moreover, Amazon is unlikely to pay top dollar for anything it doesn’t think will sell well. So, this might only be a viable option if you are selling computer equipment that is relatively new.


For those after an alternative trading marketplace to eBay, PCSwaps is a good option. Not only does it offer cheaper fees, but it also will provide you with a shipping label.

PCSwaps is a little different from other platforms because it allows you to sell directly to interested parties. Once a sale is made through their platform, they take an 8% fee.

Typically, you will get paid about three days after proof that your item has been delivered has been received.


Reddit is not used as much as other platforms to buy and sell old computer parts, but there are some Subreddits where you can still do this.

Subreddits are essentially small communities which centre around a particular topic. So, once you find one relating to buying computer parts you might be able to make a sale.

It is worth noting that selling your old computer parts this way comes with risk, as there is no way to vet the legitimacy of buyers.