Website Development Process Checklist in 2021: A Brief Guide

Your website is as important a tool as any when it comes to boosting your business’s success and customer outreach. Any experienced website designer will point out that a bland or empty website won’t get you anywhere.

Instead, your site should be appealing to the eye, Google search-friendly, and informative.

But what is the process of website development? In this article, I will explain just that.

An effective website design can boost your eCommerce success.
Internet use has become mainstream, so has eCommerce.

Let’s get started on our tried and tested website development tips and steps to help you make your online presence count!

Website Development Process Steps

Website development aims at establishing a noticeable and attractive online presence, it involves the following steps:

  1. Presenting the details of your company
  2. Creating eye-catching and useful content
  3. Creating a prototype structure
  4. Choosing a theme for the website
  5. Writing and testing the code for your website
  6. Searching for problems with the site
  7. Publishing the website online

For step 7, you will need to hook up with a hosting service such as one of these:


Hosting Service

Total Refund Warranty Most Economic Shared Hosting Most Economic Managed Hosting Most Economic WooCommerce Hosting Number of Hosting Plans Offered
Bluehost 30 Days $2.95 $19.95 $6.95 9
A2 Hosting Whenever $2.99 $11.99 7
HostGator 45 Days $5.95 3


Of course, in practicality, setting up a site is not as simple as it sounds, instead, the eCommerce website development process involves a convoluting series of steps which, if done right, can yield impressive results.

Setting Up A Successful eCommerce Website

In the world of eCommerce, your website will be the biggest asset you can use to attract customers. You should therefore optimize every aspect of it to make your client want to do business with you once they land on your page.

Just make sure that you tick off everything from this checklist:

  • Do regular audits for your website’s design, working, and SEO.
  • Check out your website’s performance with Google Analytics and target the weak areas.
  • Make sure that your website’s code, security, links, and plugins, are all working properly.
  • Make a site map and see how it can be simplified from the customer’s perspective.
  • Use modern design tools, artistic effects, and appropriate themes.
  • Add frequently searched keywords but in a natural and ‘life-like’ manner.
  • See what your competition is up to and make sure that you ace that area.
  • Unleash a swarm of high-quality and unique content, one by one and continuously.
  • Improve communications by adding chatbots, self-help sections, and live customer support.

Bottom Line – Stay On Top Of Modern Trends

Just two decades back, Google wasn’t even a thing, and look how it has managed to dominate the internet realm. Learn to run along with innovations and stay on top of your business by constantly updating your website. For those looking to get their website designed or developed, they should look to a top web development company to ensure they stay ahead of the competition.


Written by Alex Kudimov, CEO of Direct Line Development

Senior-level executive with 10+ years of success in business development, strategic leadership, operational and financial management.

Effectively identifies opportunities and provides strategic and tactical business solutions.

A communicator who wins confidence institutes initiatives, and carries them out creating positive change, efficiency, and increased profitability.