10 Top Start-up Categories for 2014 Entrepreneurs

Deciding to launch a startup and become an entrepreneur can be an exciting and frequently nerve-racking decision. Sure you get the chance to become financially independent, quit your entire day job and earn a profit doing something you like. A lot of people are still thinking about the huge sum, Facebook recently offered picture sharing startup, Snapchat.

Alternatively, things might not workout, leaving some within an even deeper hole compared to the one that you were originally attempting to climb out of. However, you can reduce the odds of failure somewhat,  thorough research and preparation. Needless to say, the first thing to take into account is what type of startup to launch. This is often a tough choice, since you can find so many great business startup ideas. 2014 has for potential for a myriad of Big Data, FinTech and Mobile app projects. Luckily, on the web you can find a number of tips available for those who find themselves looking for the very best startup ideas to kick-start, a few of which are shared within this post.

1 . Follow your passion

While it could be tempting to start out up a business because many people are saying that’s “where in fact the money is”, a thing that potential business owners would want to consider is if are you truly passionate about the idea? Most people start their very own businesses hoping of escaping the boring routine to be employed, but end up doing something they just don’t enjoy. Another reason why being true to your passions is a good idea is because starting a small business requires a large amount of hard work, and frequently even more hours when compared to a normal job, at the very least in the first place. If the startup is something you love, or are even passionate about, then these beginning stages ‘pains’ will undoubtedly be a lot more bearable and you’re more prone to see it through even though things will get tough.

2 . Have a look at this year’s new technological developments

Technology has managed to get easier than ever before for small businesses to create it in an extremely competitive world and carve out their own and profitable niches. Looking into new technological developments can provide you advisable, not only of which kind of business to perform, but the easiest way to perform it and how exactly to best market your service or product. Even businesses that only sell their services and products at their physical storefronts could use technology in innovative ways to better serve their customers and clients, so don’t leave this factor out because you believe that it is just for those that run online businesses.

That said, E commerce sites also make great startup projects for 2014. Check out the hottest Ecommerce Businesses to start in 2014 (Infographic)

3. Trawl through your current and prospective resources

When developing that startup concept, essentially the most demanding part is making certain you have all of the resources open to run that business properly.  There are a few business ideas that want very little so far as startup money, however, you can study the concepts of the lean startup. You need to vigilantly consider every resource available for you to you at this time, and think about the method that you will attain any required needs for the business enterprise, before you fully invest in it. Also don’t forget to include your personal skills and assistance from willing relatives and buddies in to your available resources – these factors could make an impact to the success of the startup.

No real matter what business you start, you need to be sure that it really is a thing that you are feeling confident about and that you’ll actually enjoy. Most businesses start small and grow because the business starts to get loyal customers and develop better business practices. Don’t bite off a lot more than it is possible to chew, and don’t get discourage in the event that you don’t see success immediately – just do your very best to discover a niche that suits you and stick with it.

The 10 Best Start-up Categories for 2014 Entrepreneurs:

1.  Enterprise web/mobile solutions

2.   Media Analytics and Enhancements

3.  General Analytics, including all things Big Data driven

4.  Entertainment and Gaming

5.  Noninvasive Health Diagnostics and Analytics

6.  Human Performance, Health, and Wellness

7.  Security

8.  Space

9.  Green

10.  General Consumer