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Cover of book "Social Life of Money" by Nigel Dodd

The Social Life of Money – Book Review

Looking at money as a social relation, a project

Where Does Money Come From?

Do you ever wonder where money comes from? Well, Josh Ryan-Collins, Tony Greenham, Richard Werner and Andre Jackson have set out to explain exactly...
ultimate guide ultimate guide crowdfunding intelligenthq

Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding (part 1)

What is Crowdfunding and Why Do It?
History Money Infographic by History.com and Column Five

The Addictive Power of Money

When it comes to the concept of money, do you equate it with competence and self-worth? Money resides in the form of profit for the...

Telefonica and Monitise collaborate with Mobile Money Partnership

"The future of payments, technology and mobile are irrevocably bound together". Telefónica Digital has secured a five-year partnership deal with Monitise to enable the mobile money software...