Shaping The Future Of The Gig Economy: Hilton Supra, Vice Chairman Of Ztudium Group, Interviews Rehan Haque, Founder and CEO Of

In the latest episode of citiesabc YouTube Podcast series, Hilton Supra, Vice Chairman of Ztudium Group, interviews Rehan Haque, Founder and CEO of to discuss the latest trends in the talent and skills industry and the shifts the businesses will see in the talent hiring and skill training.

Hosted by Hilton Supra, citiesabc YouTube Podcast is a medium where technologies and people who are making impactful efforts are featured regularly.

Beginning the interview, Hilton asked Rehan to throw some light on his background. Rehan told him that born in Pakistan, he shifted to London for his studies. With international experience of being with corporates and professional service providers, Rehan said he understood the problems that are common to businesses.

He told Hilton that it was during this professional journey that he realised that technology is the core element of every product and service, especially over the last few years. “Increasing use of technology and automation means that there is a shift from the lower level of skills to a high scale competition,” he pointed out.

That was when Rehan established, a marketplace for a highly skilled and targeted talent pool that is powered by AI and Data analytics.

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Hilton asked Rehan to elaborate on the latest trends in a digitally transformed talent pool. Rehan explained that as technologies are evolving, the nature of markets also draws parallels. And with that, the skill sets of the workforce need to evolve too.

Agreeing with this, Hilton said: “There is a challenging shift in the patterns of work and working behaviour for businesses and economies.”

Mentioning how is focussed on making an impact in this area and training young and diverse minds, he said:

“We are creating future-ready, self-sustaining human capital that can reskill, upskill, and cross-skill within months. We are using immersive technologies, and cognitive technological advancement to make sure that every single user understands the multitude of the skill-set- that’s the future we are looking for. We are a ready-to-be-deployed leading organisation.”

The two discussed the trajectory of projection of the emerging technologies to address the challenges that exist in the current version of the gig economy, including maintaining self-sovereign identity, security of personal data, and digital inclusion.

Laying out the future plans of, Rehan said that it is looking towards making a space in the metaverse to train talented minds and upskill, reskill, or cross-skill them to cater to the demand of the time. He said:

“We don’t want to leave any opportunity to grow from a client’s perspective or our talents’. But, in the coming years, the metaverse is the starting point. Every organisation would have its space there. We’d like to understand what the expectations are beforehand. So, the various generations of talent with us would love to be a part of this. As pioneers, we should be giving them the right level of opportunity and they could improve their skills and redeploy.”

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