Max Studennikoff, Founder of CC Forum Monaco: Investment In Sustainable Development Edition

Resident in France with an MBA degree from London, Max Studennikoff has been in business for over 20 years. A serial entrepreneur, Max set up and successfully developed several startups in such areas as international events management, property development, hospitality, and education. Max is a sought-after keynote speaker at major international conferences and an advisor to several global startups. He is currently organizing a series of high profile conferences across the globe, called CC Forum, being the next edition called CC Forum Monaco.

CC Forum Monaco will be a showcasing alternative non-fossil-fuel based technologies multiplied by government strategies as the key factors for resolving existential issues humanity is facing today including Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Fighting against Poverty, Social Inclusion, etc. Max enjoys foreign languages (I have a sound knowledge of as many as 7 of them), football, chess, classical music. What Max loves most of all, however, is restoring old buildings of historic and cultural value.

Max Studennikoff Interview focus

1. An introduction from you – background, overview, education…
2. Career highlights
3. About CC Forum Monaco and next editions
4. Sustainability as the main theme behind CC Forum Monaco
5. Sucess after CC Forum London
6. With Covid-19 what ways do you envision to redesign our society with technology and social impact?
7. What are your visions for the present and future?

Max Studennikoff interview Key Takeaways

· I have been building on some of my previous experience because what I am doing now is coming back to where I started from 20 – 25 years ago. Back then I was a very young man having graduated in business management in London. After a long career in different sectors, including architecture and design, I am now completely focused on the CC Forum series of events.

· Talking about the history of the CC Forum… The reason why I came up with this gamble is that I have been thinking a lot about the possibility of creating a global platform that would enable to convene thought leaders with the particular mission of focusing on the work they are doing. I had in mind this kind of community of doers and movers and shakers that are willing to make changes in our society. And as we stand today, it is high time to come to terms with the sheer reality of environmental and social challenges.

· Especially important is that vision in today’s world. We don’t have much time to spare regarding climate and environmental action. So with CC Forum Monaco and the next editions what we are trying to do is to convene and gather top decision-makers, be they impact investors, politicians, business leaders, influencers, think tanks.

· And that is because we are now in a sensitive phase in human development that calls for action to be taken immediately. We are talking about climate change, waste management, government strategies, healthcare, well-being, education, social inclusion, philanthropy, and charity. All of these will be discussed and talked in-depth at the CC Forum Monaco and the next editions to come. Hopefully, we will be able to unveil something useful beyond philosophy.

· CC Forum Monaco’s program isn’t just defined to keynotes, there will be debates, discussions, dedicated workshops, round tables, lunches with VIPS, etc. The more than 300 people we expect will have the chance to network with top investors, experts, and businesses to exchange ideas and help each other in their ventures.

· Perhaps, CC Forum Monaco is the only forum that focuses entirely on sustainable innovation— its not a vanity fair, not a UN styled conference — the practical mission is connecting promising startups with the investors and reach agreements and push forward towards those goals.

· Last year’s CC Forum London event was well-received to the point of having received a royal greeting by Queen Elizabeth II herself. It was a written note but still was a very nice gesture. More substantially we have seemed to have created a positive buzz about emerging technologies. Because the theme of CC Forum London last year was “Investment in emerging technologies” and that involves blockchain, AI, quantum computing, biotech, nanotech, IoT, etc.

· The challenges that brought the COVID-19 pandemic have been numerous. To start with, we were scheduled to have our Dubai event back in March but for obvious reasons, we had to reschedule it for December this year, or perhaps we will even have to hold it for after London’s edition. But with the Monaco edition, we were initially scheduled to have it for early July but we then got in contact with Monaco authorities and we agreed to postpone it for 3 or 4 months. We thought September would be quite appropriate hoping that by that time there will be real advancements in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Max Studennikoff Biography

The CEO and founder Max Studennikoff is an industry-leading professional and has raised the bar when it comes to Blockchain and AI events. Max and his team are at the forefront of knowledge transfer in blockchain, AI, and related discussions and innovation. CC Forum put together spectacular events. Speakers and attendees are always world-class and provocative and constructive. From events to keynotes, to awards, gala dinner, that it’s worth bringing a tux for.

About CC Forum

CC Forum aims to get together leading institutional and private investors, policymakers, thought leaders, and innovative startups united in their zeal to change the current economic paradigm and effectively make the world a better place. It is the only global investment forum that is entirely focused on sustainable development.

At CC Forum, they firmly believe that for humanity to prosper a new type of entrepreneurs should be bread who would be more concerned with the environmental and societal impact of their activities than with extracting a profit in the short term. Therefore their motto is “Invest sustainably”.

At a time of unprecedented challenges that mankind is facing, CC Forum’s agendas deal with the most pressing issues including climate change, renewable energies, waste management, healthcare and wellbeing, education, philanthropy, and social inclusion.

CC Forum provides its participants with a unique opportunity to consider how government strategies, emerging technologies, and investment opportunities can be put to good use for the sake of humanity and our planet.

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