Marketing Your Business Effectively is Vital to Traffic and Conversion

Marketing Your Business Effectively is Vital to Traffic and Conversion
Marketing Your Business Effectively is Vital to Traffic and Conversion

Approximately half of all B2B businesses don’t place enough focus on marketing. In fact, they don’t even have a strategy, period. With a relaxed attitude about digital marketing, what is your B2B business missing out on? Do you think all efforts should be focused on the people in the c-suite? Here are a few facts, strategies, and benefits everyone should know about.

Making It Mobile, Visual

B2Bs may know who their targets are (businesses), but they often forget that just like customers, these businesses are comprised of individual people, some who are still quite influential. And they’re using smartphones to do business.

Don’t buy it? According to Google, more than 40% of B2B researchers are using their smartphones at some point during the process, while mobile purchasing rates (sealing the deal) have grown more than 20%. The bottom line is that you may be selling to businesses, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from mobile an inch.

Furthermore, the research is being performed by younger people. In 2014, more than 46% of B2B research was executed by someone between the ages of 18 and 34. We can imagine this has only grown in the intervening few years. Younger generations are more likely to depend on smartphones, social media, and tech-focused strategies. They’ll pass these findings on to their team and/or superiors, so their demographic must be considered.

Think about this in terms of your marketing content. Producing a short video introducing your company is more likely to help your business stand out in a crowd. It does so via personalization, where your brand becomes easier to remember, and people and ideas paint a clearer picture about what you offer.

Pair this up with the cost-effective benefits of sharing on social media, and you’ve gained a major edge with B2B researchers, without throwing down a huge, comprehensive, expensive plan.


Automation and Analysis

The focus on mobile doesn’t mean we’re done with email. As any digital marketing agency will tell you, automation is the way to not only reach out, but figure out who is engaged and when you should reach out. Some businesses think automation will leave them reeking of spam. On the contrary, the kind of data provided allows businesses to target more accurately, and create messages that can hook people based on where exactly they are in the process.

This allows for more flexibility in strategy. You can group potentials based on what may be most appealing to their business. All the while, their behavior will give you valuable insight into what’s working, so there’s no time wasted. Efforts can be redirected at a moment’s notice. No matter your impression of automation, it’s worth a shot because it has a reputation for increasing sales, as well as saving tons of time and paying for itself in a year or less.

Like so many other industries, marketing B2B has undergone a pretty dramatic shift in the last decade. By thinking outside of the c-suite and engaging the research demographic, your business can begin seeing greater traffic and higher conversation rates rapidly.