How to Get Followers on Instagram

A charismatic blogger who knows how to integrate trending topics into everyday content can reach a wide audience in a natural way. Instagram Growth Services can play a crucial role in this process.

How to Get Followers on Instagram
How to Get Followers on Instagram

Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in this, so in order to attract an audience, you will have to invest resources in the development of the blog: both material and moral. The most popular method is advertising with more popular bloggers, but this is quite expensive. Therefore, you can buy Instagram followers to spend less and get more.

However, everything is not so simple. It is important to remember about unsubscribing, because as the blog grows, the number of unsubscribes will increase. For 1 month, 5-10% of the audience can unsubscribe. It turns out that having a million followers, you will have to suffer losses of 50-200 thousand people.

If your goal is to reach a million audience, then you will spend a huge amount of money on advertising. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to buy real Instagram followers to save your budget.

Selling ads in Stories

In the case when only advertising is used for blog development (from bloggers and target), you get coverage: an average of 10-20% of the audience. It is logical that with 1 million followers, the coverage will be from 100 to 200 thousand.

With coverage of 100 thousand, you can earn on advertising in Stories, receiving a fairly large amount from one order. You can sell up to 15 ads per month.

Adding to this the revenue from advertising posts (their cost is more than advertising in Stories), you can raise earnings to a fairly high level.

Owners of loyal followers can cooperate with popular brands: market giants are looking for bloggers through an advertising agency, so if you are interested in this type of income, contact an advertising agency.

Brands often don’t contact bloggers directly as it can damage their reputation, so it’s easier to pay an ad agency to do it for them. Let’s move on to the next way to earn money.

Selling goods in an online store

People buy products from bloggers because they trust them, so if your audience is loyal to sales, you should consider starting your own business. As a rule, this type of income brings sufficient income, and as the business advances, other methods of making a profit can be used: as an option, selling a franchise.

Online product launch

How to Get Followers on Instagram ?This method is suitable for those who can call themselves an expert in a narrow topical area. A common info product is a course for those who want to become a blogger. If a blogger has honestly earned a millionth audience, he has something to teach subscribers.

However, in order for your product to turn out to be of high quality, the following specialists should take part in its development: a methodologist, a producer, and others.

If the course is done correctly, you can make it the basis for a business: buyers will recommend your product to others, which will help attract a new loyal audience.

In the case when you do not have enough experience in a narrow field, you can create a joint info product with another blogger. In this case, your task will be to warm up the audience and advertise the final product and attract customers from your own audience. Here, the income of a blogger selling to his subscribers will be about 30-40% of the profit.

Thus, this method is much more profitable than advertising, but here the blogger has a big obligation: a high-quality course will bring you profit and a new audience, and a weak one will ruin your reputation.

If you poorly perform your advertising tasks, other bloggers and advertisers will become aware of this through communication and specialized chats, but many more people will find out about a low-quality product: dissatisfied customers will talk about it on YouTube channels, in chats and Stories and leave negative reviews .

There will be those who will continue to buy courses from you, but the overall credibility of you as an influencer will seriously decrease.