Inspiring Healthcare: Brilliant Technology To Empower Nurses

Inspiring Healthcare- Brilliant Technology To Empower Nurses
Inspiring Healthcare- Brilliant Technology To Empower Nurses

As a nurse, you strive to provide excellent patient care and stay mindful of each patient’s individual needs. Although it’s a challenging task, it’s expected of you as a professional, and it is a part of what nurses pride themselves on; still, wouldn’t it be great to have a bit of extra help? The healthcare sector is in a turbulent phase and undergoing constant changes – which also means that you can make use of an abundance of brilliant tech tools to get you through your shifts.

Patient care and Tech – Brilliant Technology To Empower Nurses

The turbulent environment you’re working in has called for a variety of changes, many of which are technological. While this is supposed to be forward-thinking and innovative, the truth is that many nurses are left without adequate training to handle these new technologies. They’re complicated, brand new and requires careful attention to understand; otherwise, we end up using it wrong and risk making costly mistakes – both with regards to the facility as well as our patients.

Going from paper-based EMR to a technological system means that the entire way of recording has changed; which has brought on a lot of frustration with professionals who are unable to use it correctly.

With the right amount of training, however, nurses and other medical professionals will be able to boost their productivity and improve patients’ outcome more efficiently than ever before.

The Internet – Brilliant Technology To Empower Nurses

New technologies come in all shapes and sizes – and not always in the form of new software. Sometimes, the answer to how it can empower us is as simple as turning on your computer. The profession you’re in is the perfect place for constantly learning, digger deeper, and broadening your understanding of the medical field, and what better place to start learning than the great online?

Gain knowledge on fields you’d like to specialize in and find reasons to get started on your BSN in nursing as soon as possible. This article on what professions complement a BSN in nursing is an entertaining read and perfect for making up your mind.

Use the Internet to locate online resources such as UpToDate which is a clinical database and ideal for finding details on treatments of various diseases, particularly those you don’t normally encounter. Use it to read your favourite blog for nurses and connect with the ocean of other medical professionals out there; here is a list of the top ten to get you started.

By reaching out to others, you’ll be able to make use of their seasoned advice as well to stay up to date on changes and advancements in your field.

Easy Access and Accuracy – Brilliant Technology To Empower Nurses

If you’re one of those who feels fatigued just thinking about all of those boxes you need to tick in the new EMR system, you’re focusing on the wrong aspects to it. Old habits are indeed tough to change, so try to see the new technologies for what they actually are; a new and improved way of recording and accessing patient information. When it’s used right, you have all the information you need right at your fingertips – but when it’s used wrong, it’s both time-consuming and frustrating.

Remember that new tools take time to learn and understand. Nothing would ever improve if nobody was willing to change their old paper-based habits, and technology certainly wouldn’t be a thing at all.

The new system is able to help you document each step of medication administration, you’ll have quick access to your patient’s medical history, and the prescription of drugs will be a lot more accurate. At the end of the day, it’s about providing the best care for patients; to invest a bit of time in understanding new tools that will enable you to do this, is the least you can do for them.

The Super Users – Brilliant Technology To Empower Nurses

The best advice out there on how to make use of these new, confusing technologies is to point someone out as the leader. Some on your team will undoubtedly be better than others with the new system and more tech-savvy, so to speak, and it’s important to allow these to lead the others. They need to be able to learn new concepts quickly and communicate their knowledge to the rest of us who are less than tech-savvy.

It’s a good idea to offer these some sort of reward to make them appreciate the work and put extra effort into teaching the others.