How the LinkGraph Agency Stays Relevant in a Competitive Market

With a practically unlimited amount of websites and content online, to say that competition is fierce on the internet is the understatement of the year. Users rely on search engines to get them to the online content they’re looking for, and if your site isn’t able to appear high in the search results, your odds of attracting customers are extremely low. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

SEO is a constantly evolving practice that seeks to help websites become more appealing to Google crawlers, boost their domain authority in their niche, and produce content that ranks for industry keywords. Of course, the SEO and digital marketing spaces are as competitive as any other industries online. Here are some of the biggest ways that the LinkGraph Agency, founded by Manick Bhan, manages to outperform competitors and stay relevant.

This digital marketing agency goes beyond keyword research.


Keywords are industry relevant words and phrases that online users search for in order to find solutions to their problems. The more often a word of phrase gets used, the more relevant it is to your site, and the more you need to capitalize on it. Keyword research is about more than just finding the relevant words and phrases and stuffing them into content, however. You also need to understand the context behind the searches. In other words, why are people looking for this information?

Google is getting better at understanding the intent behind searches, thanks to natural language processing. This means that the search engine isn’t just looking for content that contains the target keywords—it’s looking for content that’s actually answering the right questions and solving problems for users.

Their original content connects with target audiences.

Speaking of content, creating original content that helps with link building is one of the fastest ways that you can boost your domain authority in your industry and become a voice that your target audience trusts. Content marketing is the best way to go when it comes to online advertising, and LinkGraph utilizes the best expert voices to create high-quality content that connects.

With LinkGraph, you’ll get engaging content written by experts who know how to engage audiences on a deep level and present your business as the best solution for them. You’ll also have backlinks to your site hosted on popular blogs that can help boost your domain by association. In addition to content for backlinks, LinkGraph also produces original landing pages, provides homepage optimization, and assists with overall webpage design. LinkGraph account managers assign your requests to industry-specific marketing pros who will produce great content and even revise it until you’re entirely satisfied.

They provide in-depth technical SEO audits and services.

Of course, no amount of great content and link building can help you increase organic traffic to your true potential if your own website is sluggish, unfriendly to mobile users, or is otherwise providing a subpar user experience. Google takes your page speed and other technical SEO factors into account while it’s crawling and indexing web pages. The better you can do with these elements, the higher you’ll rise in SERPs.

LinkGraph offers a free audit of your website’s URL, so you can get an immediate idea of how they can help you improve your website traffic. They help you fix up the backend of your site by utilizing title tags, meta descriptions, and headlines that accurately communicate what your site offers while hitting the right keywords. The more efficient your on-page SEO elements are, the better Google can understand the quality and relevance of your site’s content.


LinkGraph is an SEO agency that allows businesses of all sizes to outsource their SEO needs while maintaining and exceeding the level of quality expected of an in-house SEO team.