Extend Your Company’s brand with employee retweets

Your personal followers on twitter probably respect and place a high value of trust in You first and then your company second. Many employees dont exploit this fact in order to promote their company’s brand. Perhaps it has to do with the fact some employees may not be truly invested in their firm’s big picture. Company bosses will have to find a way to motivate staff to transform into what Mark Fidelman on Forbes calls the passionate pilgrim: 

“This advocate is in love with your brand—not in a crusader way, but in a loyal and committed way. This advocate has used your product or service for years and believes that the world would be a model ‘city upon a hill’ if the rest of humanity would only catch on”.

Management and staff need to be syncronized on the premise that the brand is one of its most valuable assets and what differentiates it in the marketplace. The real question is how does a company successfully engage workers so they understand the brand and act as advocates on its behalf in a proactive manner?

Successful branding certainly involves a complicated mix. Knowing how to identify the brand and determining how to position it in its operating sphere, is only one part of the solution. The remaining answer lies in ensuring that employees are evangelising the value of the brand on a regular basis — both inside and outside the organization. It has to be said depending on the nature of the business, it may be a tricky proposition.

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Companies will spend  significant resources understanding customer nuances, it makes sense to do the same for in house advocates. The results can be rewarding. Research from Dachis Group shows that while advocates make up only .001% of a brand’s social subscribers, they’re responsible for 5.3% of a brand’s total signal and for starting 8.3% of all company related discussions. Given the outsized value of advocacy, brands must pursue it as part of their marketing strategy.
Your employees put personality and a face to otherwise bland corporate brands — this matters to consumers, the network and prospective employees. Simply put, engaged and motivated employees who understand coporate brands and are fully invested in its future will translate to happy clients. Empowering employees to feel equipped and motivated to support the organization’s brand may be one of the most important and effective stategies in carving out your share of the market. It obviously means modifying your social media poilicies. Twitter is an obvious channel so start encouraging your staff to retweet straight away.

Credit: Mark Fidelman, The 7 Brand Advocate Types You Need To Know (Infographic)