4 Employee Training Ideas For Enhancing Your Employees’ Skills

4 Employee Training Ideas For Enhancing Your Employees’ Skills

Online employee training is one of those business functions that companies in 2020 have started paying close attention to.

And why not?

After all, this year needs online training more than ever (yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the COVID situation).

But is there a way to enhance the effectiveness of their employee training methods?

Well, in this post, we are talking about that. Here are four employee training ideas that are helping companies enhance their employees’ skills.

And with some customization, based on your organization, these can work for you as well. So, let’s not stall and jump straight to the pointers.

Social Learning

One of the best things about being a human is that we get to learn a lot from people that surround us.

Take any example or instance since the day you first acknowledged your existence. The way we behave, the way we speak, the language that we have acquired, all of these have come to us through social learning.

And the best part is that this training comes naturally without much additional effort. Unlike other training methods and techniques, for social learning, all that a learner needs to do is be attentive to the conversations that are going on.

This is an exciting mode of learning.

Gamified Content

Gamification is the ultimate learning solution for anyone who’s course content is bland and boring to the audience.

Many times, this boredom can be the primary reason why your employees may not be willing to participate in the course even when they know that it’s going to be useful to them.

It’s a fact. Boredom is contagious and can take a toll on our minds.

That’s when the idea of gamification comes to save the day. By adding certain gaming elements you can make your employee training program more interesting than ever.

As a result, your employees may start participating actively in the program.


Here’s yet another training idea that is helping businesses create short, crisp and highly interesting training content for their employees.

The aim of microlearning is to create short training nuggets that can be consumed within 3-5 minutes at max.

As these video tutorials are short, your employees may not mind watching them and implementing their learnings in different work scenarios.

The results of microlearning can be highly fruitful as these are easier to consume and don’t bore employees as a traditional classroom program can do at times.

Q&A Sessions

One of the best things about online training is that you can easily hold any session, including your employees from different locations across the globe.

And when it comes to the most fruitful type of online sessions, Q&A is always on the list.

In a Q&A session, you can pick the most frequently asked questions regarding your industry, or anything else that can work good for your company and its employees and answer them.

As a result, the people who will be attending this session from your organization’s different offices will have the chance to learn a lot about how to battle these questions.

To ensure good growth of your employees and their skills, it’s important to answer all the potential questions that they can have.

Also, note that to do all of this, you should have qualified eLearning tools. To ensure that your tool has all the features that you need, going for custom eLearning solutions will be the best idea.

Final words

If you have been looking forward to enhancing your company’s employee training process, adopting eLearning can solve the purpose for you. However, it’s also important to use all the right tools and techniques to make an impact on your employee training program.

In this post, we talked about four such techniques that can help you hone your employees’ skills.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful.

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