Combating Negative Workplace Behaviour

Combating Negative Workplace Behaviour
Combating Negative Workplace Behaviour

Anyone who runs a business will know that it only takes one overly negative aspect to become established in a workplace environment for it to become a real problem. This can sometimes mean a particular employee taking a negative stance or on other occasions, it can relate to an atmosphere built up around one particular cause related to working practices.

Whatever the reason, knowing how to combat negativity in the workplace is something that can come in useful for any kind of business and help maintain productivity.

A productive workplace environment

If any team has issues which stop them from working together this is bound to affect productivity, and in some cases where bullying or offensive behaviour from workers is the root cause of issues it can lead to far more serious problems for employers. Therefore, it stands to reason that creating a harmonious atmosphere will always be worth the effort it might take. Thankfully most proactive steps needed are quite straightforward and very cost effective.

Employee reviews

Having regular reviews of employees can really help as long as they are encouraged to give honest and open feedback. You might find out about issues you were otherwise unaware of, and also be able to mediate between individuals who might be clashing for some reason. This process can also help generate good morale by making employees feel they have an input to the way the business is run.

Be positive

Destructive behaviour can result from a lack of positive feedback or a feeling of a lack of worth among employees. Making sure that good work is noted and rewarded and giving praise where it’s due are simple steps you can take to improve the atmosphere and create a more positive workplace.

Clear messages

Sending out clear messages about what is and isn’t allowed in terms of workplace behaviour is also essential. not only are they many laws and regulations which need to be adhered to in order to ensure that each worker can go about their job safely and securely, it is also the job of a manager or owner to lay down their own laws about what is acceptable.


Of course there can be other serious consequences of negative workplace behaviour other than a drop in productivity. Employees may suffer from emotional distress leading them to seek advice about what, if any, action they might be able to take to address the issue. This can in some cases lead to legal action against other employees and sometimes the business itself.

Positive action

By taking steps to combat negativity and its effects, you will be engaging in positive action that can only benefit everyone involved. Employees can’t be expected to function to their best potential in a bad atmosphere so anything you do to improve the situation will always be welcomed. It only takes one bad apple to cause the rot to spread and by proactively combating negative workplace behaviour you can nip potentially bigger problems in the bud.