Crypto Blackjack Variants You Can Play

Crypto Blackjack Variants You Can PlayBlackjack has remained for many generations, thanks to its originality in the casino setting. Today, we have crypto blackjack, bringing more versatility to those who wish to use their prized coins in online gaming.

While you will find crypto blackjack in the best online casinos, you can try different variants for more rounded entertainment. A little adventure would be spicy, especially regarding table games. Moreover, no one said you could not try your hands on different versions.

This game is one of the most developed casino titles with a three-decade-long history. It offers plenty of winning opportunities, provided you groom your skills to edge past your opponents.

Why the Difference?

We could jump straight into the crypto blackjack variants, but you will miss a crucial and spicy aspect. Knowing how and why these versions differ will help you better appreciate their differences and understand their gameplay.

The core differences between the variants lie in the rules. Yes, different versions modify specific aspects of the gameplay for added fun and thrill. Whether that is a blessing or a limitation is left for you to explore.

Let us look at some core differences before we get there.

Doubling Down

Doubling down is one of the crucial areas where you will find differences in the crypto blackjack variants. Some forms restrict which cards to double down on during gameplay.

Take the European Bitcoin blackjack, for instance. You can only double down on totals of 11, 10, and 9. Others go as far as allowing players to boost their bets by only 100%.

Yet, some versions still allow flexibility in bet increases.

Dealer Rules on Soft 17

A soft 17 refers to a 17 that includes an ace. In some forms of Bitcoin blackjack, the dealer can hit on soft 17. Others will only allow the dealer to stand when that happens.

This crucial deviation will affect your chosen crypto blackjack strategy.

The Number of Splits Allowed

This difference is one of the most obvious when playing Bitcoin blackjack. While you can split up to three times in the American version, the European counterpart only allows one split per hand in gameplay.

Now that you have seen some key differences let’s go ahead with the best BTC blackjack variants you can play.

Top 5 Crypto Blackjack Variants You Can Play Today

The following are the best variations of this popular casino game:

American Crypto Blackjack

The American version is the classic version and has a popularity that goes toe-to-toe with the European variant.

A primary distinction between the American type and the rest is when the dealer takes his hole card. The hole card stays face down during gameplay.

For this type, the dealer picks this vital card before players make a crucial decision concerning their hands. Once this occurs, you can be sure you are sitting in for the American type.

Despite the dwindling interest, blackjack remains one of the most popular casino games, and the American version takes a large chunk of that.

European Crypto Blackjack

The next best variant is the European type. It was one of the first primary variations on the simple but enticing casino game. This variant is so popular that you would hardly find a casino without it.

This version uses 52-card decks, which invariably leads to an increase in the house edge. However, dealers will only stand on soft 17, presenting favourable gameplay to the players.

While there are restrictions on the dealer, the game does not let off the players effortlessly. Consequently, you can only double down if your initial hand is 11, 10, or 9.

Achieve a blackjack simultaneously as the dealer, and the game declares a tie, or “push,” and refunds your bet. Notwithstanding, the payout odds remain 3:2.

Multi-Hand Bitcoin Blackjack

You might want to try the Multi-Hand version if you are still hungry for more variations. This Bitcoin blackjack follows most of the rules of the classic variant but allows players to play more than one hand simultaneously.

Although it still pays out the 3:2 structure, you might get a house edge as low as 0.47% with the optimal strategy. The gameplay also plays out with 52-card decks.

Like in European Bitcoin blackjack, dealers can only stand on soft 17, giving players more benefits. Also, playing more hands in a single round allows you to spread your bets into smaller amounts. Of course, low bets mean lower risks.


Geoff Hall designed this crypto blackjack variant, which debuted in 2009. In this version, players must make two equal-sized bets before the deal begins. However, there is a spicy catch to this flexibility.

You are free to switch the cards between the two deals to get the best hand. While this flexibility is a plus, the game will invariably result in a “push” if the dealer goes bust with a hand of 22. In the standard version, that scenario would be a win for you.

This variant pays out even at 1:1 and uses only six to eight-card decks.

Perfect Pairs

Think of side bets, and this game becomes one of the first to feature them. It shares most of the rules with the American variant but differs in its allowance for a side bet.

If you feel lucky, bet that your first two cards will have the same value. An example would be two aces or two jacks. Getting this prediction right will see you walk away with a payout of 6:1, but there is room to win more.

If the colours match just like the values, you will win a payout of 12:1. Notwithstanding, you can win up to a 25:1 payout if you land two cards of the same suit, value, and colour.


Crypt blackjack variants bring more spice to the already popular game. You can find them at the best online casinos, giving you the freedom to explore. Nevertheless, you should settle on one or two variants you are comfortable playing.