Next-Level Security Tech Designed to Keep Employees Safer After Hours

Next-Level Security Tech Designed to Keep Employees Safer After Hours
Next-Level Security Tech Designed to Keep Employees Safer After Hours

When you’ve got employees who stay at work after regular business hours, it’s important that they feel safe on company grounds. Having a camera security system designed to protect employees from potential harm is the best way to approach building security. After the YouTube shooting in April 2018, employers are stepping up their security game and upgrading to the latest tech designed specifically to keep workplaces safe from incidents like this and other security breaches. Here’s how Lorex Technology’s new line of camera systems and their next-level features can help you combat building security.

Camera Security System Features


Lorex’s new nocturnal cameras are perfect for after hours at the office. Keeping employees safe is crucial and with features like continuous 24/7 monitoring, your camera security systems won’t miss a thing. Powered by the NVR using Power-over-Ethernet technology, this constant connection provides 24/7 surveillance and continuous video recording. With 4K ultra HD resolution, you’ll have cameras that record at an impressive pixel ratio for high-quality video resolution and images that are easy to make out on screen — and you can zoom without blurring the image.

With color night vision and long-range infrared lenses, you’ll be able to identify details like the color of hair, clothes or a car. These cameras are also waterproof and ideal for extreme temperatures such as intense heat, strong winds, heavy rain and blizzard-like conditions, so you never have to worry about a malfunction due to weather.


Lorex’s new diurnal camera systems come wire-free and fully HD, so you can install them pretty much anywhere and get great picture quality. With night vision and motion detection, these battery-operated security cameras are better for lower-traffic areas. The motion-activated recording means that your camera security system will only record when there’s some movement detected. The camera security system’s advanced PIR (passive infrared) sensor is designed to detect moving heat patterns, like animals, cars, or people. Whenever the camera detects these moving heat patterns, it turns on and starts recording. With local recording, you can choose to store camera security system footage directly on the heavy-duty hard drive inside the NVR with no monthly fees.

A full 1080p HD, two-megapixel sensor can help you capture clear, colorful video with footage that can help you distinguish certain characteristics, such as facial features and other small, important details. With this camera security system, your employees can feel safe knowing that if anything should happen, action could be taken immediately to find whoever was responsible. The diurnal camera system also comes with six LED bulbs that project infrared light up to 150 feet forward. Since it’s also waterproof, the diurnal camera security system can be installed outdoors and operate in extreme weather conditions. And with listen-in and two-way audio, you get an added layer of security because your employees can communicate with each other through the built-in speaker using a connected smartphone or tablet. This feature also allows it to record all video footage with audio so you can gather even more information should an incident occur.

Protect Your Employees Today

Keeping your employees safe while they’re working late at night is critical. You don’t want something happening without the benefit of extra security, which is why a camera security system like one of the two described above can not only keep your employees safer, but it can give you peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to resolve any issues quickly and effectively. Check out the features of Lorex’s next-level security tech and determine what you need to keep your company guarded against harm.

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