How To Increase User Engagement

How To Increase User Engagement
How To Increase User Engagement

Modern day businesses need to know how to increase engagement with their target audience in order to succeed. This engagement is a relatively new phenomenon with the rise of social media, but it is essential for building relationships which, ultimately, can boost profits and conversions. Most businesses recognize the value of social media, but not many know how to use this platform to engage with their target audience and forge important connections. Learning this information could help your brand to stay ahead of the competition, increase brand awareness and establish your company as a key figure in your particular industry. Here are a few tips for increasing engagement with your target audience.

Social Media

Social media is the main tool for promoting user engagement as it can be used as a two-way communication tool with your target audience. Here are a few effective ways to use this platform to improve user engagement:

  • Encourage followers to comment and share your posts (ask questions, use incentives, ).
  • Use visual content to draw the eye to your post and encourage interaction (infographics are particularly effective)
  • Add humour – people tend to use social media to be entertained so adding humour can be an effective tool for increasing user engagement
  • Ask for feedback – sparking conversation by asking followers for feedback on your company can increase user engagement while simultaneously allowing you to learn ways to improve your business
  • Engage with other posts – commenting on posts and generally being active on social media will encourage your followers and other users to engage with you.

Mobile Apps

With modern day consumers using their phones more and more, it has become important for businesses to have their own apps which can be another effective tool for driving engagement. You can do this through a high-quality listing so that people actually download the app and through increasing the visibility of the app through app store optimization. Another powerful tool to use is push notifications. Read this guide on push notifications and, when used correctly, these will alert the user at just the right time and encourage them to take action.


People are constantly checking their emails which makes this a useful platform for businesses looking to engage with their target audience. Make sure that all emails that you send to your target audience are relevant, helpful and encourage them to take some form of action. Modern-day consumers receive many emails from businesses throughout the day so make sure that your emails stand out from the crowd and will be helpful to the recipient whether this is a guide, a discount or important information that they need to hear.

These are the most effective ways to increase user engagement. This is hugely important for developing important relationships with your target audience so that you stay in the mind of the consumer and so that they choose you over the competition. Much like a real-life relationship, it can take some time and work for the results to show, but it is certainly worth putting in the effort.

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