Why Your SEO Strategy Is Not Able To Deliver Expected Results

Why Your SEO Strategy Is Not Able To Deliver Expected Results
Why Your SEO Strategy Is Not Able To Deliver Expected Results

Bad search engine optimization is taking over the business world like a virus because now, SEO has become more of a need than a desire. The brand recognition and sales of many companies can be entirely dependent on their SEO strategies because every part of the world is turning digital each day.

Over 4.2 billion people are active internet users worldwide.

Although the experts might say that devising an effective SEO strategy isn’t difficult; what they don’t tell you is that it may not work as efficiently as expected due to the many changes that occur in the digital world every day and the highly competitive market you may find yourself in.

Read ahead to learn about the challenges which are making your strategy ineffective and pulling your business into the ground:

  1. Your strategy is flawed

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

A flawed SEO strategy is one which does not consider all the essential components required to succeed. From creating quality content, focusing on search habits and utilizing all digital platforms to informing the target audience about the company’s objectives and encouraging them to take action; your SEO strategy should tap into all this and more, and more so, be ROI focused. You may have analyzed the search habits of the industry, but you may have forgotten the local search market. Similarly, you may have developed quality content, but you may be not uploading everything at the right time. E.g., posting about Christmas gift offers on 26th December or conducting a local sale, but forgetting to inform the neighborhood. An effective strategy is as good as its execution. Different digital marketing agencies offer distinct SEO packages, tailor-made for individual industries. So, thoroughly check the one that you are planning to pay for and what the inclusions are.

You are unable to keep track of your digital plans
You are unable to keep track of your digital plans
  1. You are unable to keep track of your digital plans

Do you analyze there is digital data that Google Analytics offers for free – if not your already behind the 8-ball. This data contains the search habits, critical keywords and phrases and various essential parameters, which can improve your SEO strategy significantly. Most experts are able to create effective SEO strategies, but they lack the ability to upgrade them according to the ever-changing market. You must modify your strategy at every step of the way because the industry will throw out any business, who refuses to improve. All this is possible only when you set up an analytics package to keep track of the change.

  1. Is keyword spamming the gist of your SEO strategy?

Including some relevant keywords in your content is the right way to enhance brand recognition and sales; however, keyword stuffing leads to spamming. If you think that your content should be stuffed with relevant keywords, then you are wrong because it is not about forcing the keywords on the readers; instead, it is about using the right words at the right intervals to encourage your readers to take action in favor of your business subconsciously. Your target audience may not be looking for a sales pitch on a blog or press release; they may be looking for information, and if you can provide them with that information, it will ensure credibility and attract them towards your brand. Including keywords in the Google My Business Listings name is considered a violation of their guidelines, and similarly, Google Fred will push your link on the end pages if you think spamming is the correct SEO approach. Gone are the days, when you can get ranked on the first few pages with flawed, keyword-filled content. Stop Spamming!

Is keyword spamming the gist of your SEO strategy?
Is keyword spamming the gist of your SEO strategy?
  1. Your content is designed for you and not the readers

Why are your creating content? What does quality content mean? The SEO content should not be designed for you; instead, it should be intended for your target audience. You may be wondering how you can enhance sales by designing content not for your business, right? You have to understand that the competition is unbelievably high and consumers are running away from sales pitches because most sales pitches are full of false promises. If you are able to develop content that your readers can relate to or that can cater to resolving their queries, then they will choose your business over your competition any day. Don’t sell content; write it to educate, inform and appeal your potential customers.

  1. Your estimates outrun the possible reality

Dreaming big is exciting, but dreaming real is what counts. In simple words, you must set achievable goals for your SEO strategy because illogical estimates will spoil the strategy entirely. It is impossible to identify the pain points of a strategy with analytics, and if you are planning to rectify the analytics mistake that you are making, then it will only be worth it if you can prevent this one as well. E.g., Say, according to your estimates, your brand should reach a couple of million people within the span of your strategy; however, you only reach 750,000 people instead. Would you blame your approach or your estimates? Be realistic and try your best!

Your estimates outrun the possible reality
Your estimates outrun the possible reality

Your digital plan will only be successful if you are able to prevent/rectify the errors mentioned above and follow a sound approach to make sure that not only does your business reach the heights that you have always envisioned for it but you are also able to build a positive reputation of your brand in the industry.

Growth is just a single step away! All the best!

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