Conflict Negotiation – Know These 6 Tips to Deal Effectively 

Conflict Negotiation
Conflict Negotiation

Conflict Negotiation

Conflicts are a common part of most workplaces. While it may promote change and inspire new ideas and processes between the two parties, it is vital to negotiate through such conflicts. This skill lets you reach a rational outcome for all parties. Conflict Negotiation is communication that intends to find an agreement addressing concerns of both the parties that want different outcomes. It is one of the essential negotiation strategies in the present time. During certain events, both parties are unable to reach a common conclusion. Some situations that demand handling conflicts during negotiation include: 

  • Finding a mutually acceptable rate while setting the salary for a new employee or entering into a contract with a vendor. 
  • Resolving concerns between the employees or team managers.
  • Businesses serving the public often need to respond to dissatisfied customers. This is where you need to master the skills of conflict negotiation. 
  • Often the project team encounters conflicts regarding using limited resources or approaching a client request, thus demanding a quick resolution of the conflict. 

Tips to Negotiate a Conflict Effectively

Want to clear the differences and solve the ongoing conflict between your business partners or team members? Here are some tips you can use.

Define the Goals 

It is essential to define the desired outcome ahead of time. It ensures that you stay focused and work on the goal. Always consider the specific number, time frame, and outcome that you want to achieve so that you have an intention for the negotiation. When you set specific goals, it helps you put forth clearer and stronger arguments. 

Check the Party’s Background 

Negotiations may involve international businesses or individuals from different walks of life. A successful conflict negotiation strategy is all about being mindful of how these parties or individuals conduct their business. Pay attention to the needs of the individuals you are resolving the ongoing conflict with. Think of a solution that mutually benefits both parties. 

Being Proactive Works 

When you act proactively, it eliminates conflict to a great extent because you address the root issue that can cause the conflict. If you get the sense that you are about to come into a conflict on one of the points being discussed, act immediately to pivot or address the root cause of the conflict. This will help you handle the issue pre-emptively and such proactiveness will also exhibits that you work effectively to improve the relationship between your team members. 

Be Aware of your Role 

Always be aware of your role in the business. Depending on your position in the company, your role during conflict negotiation may vary. For instance, if you are a leader, it is your responsibility to comprehend the company’s guidelines to settle internal disputes and policies. Never abuse your power and work within the ambit of your roles and responsibilities. 

Use Established Forums 

Using established forums such as shared documents where all the colleagues may share their concerns, or a weekly meeting are easy ways to resolve any dispute and reach a favorable conclusion. These attempts work best within the business where your team members feel more comfortable expressing their opinions. If the conflict is more private, you may seek help from the Human Resources Department of your company. 

Flexibility is Essential 

How you use the time during negotiation exhibits what you want to achieve. In many cases, being firm with the deadline may encourage a productive conversation. In other cases, it may take time to discuss points and counterpoints. Being willing to meet on multiple events over a longer period fetches more positive outcomes. 


Besides the above-listed strategies, always focus on creating value because a value-oriented mindset always produces win-win results, leaving both parties happy. Now that you know these skills, it’s time to exercise them for the best outcomes.