Why You Should Be Looking for New Ways to Reward Your Employees

Why You Should Be Looking for New Ways to Reward Your Employees

The benefits of rewarding your employees cannot be underestimated.

Imagine this scenario: An employee goes all out, does their best, and delivers spectacularly on an important project. After all is said and done, there is no thank you and no recognition for all their hard work and service. While there may be no grudges at the outset, they are very unlikely to continue to pour such passion and dedication into future projects.

Put simply, to fail to recognize your team members’ efforts, is to pave the path to employee burnout.

A noted benefit of incorporating staff rewards is that it will entice your talent to stay. They will feel a greater sense of company loyalty, as your team members will have spent time bonding together at events planned to celebrate achievements.

Your turnover rate will be reduced, and this will save money on having to recruit and train new employees. Your staff will be more motivated to perform, as they will know that all their dedication is truly noticed and appreciated. You will encourage a stronger team ethic, and your actions will be noticed by those who may be thinking of joining your organisation.

The following are some fun and creative ways to acknowledge and appreciate your staff:

Workplace Parties

One of the most exciting, popular, and fun activities are workplace parties. They can be on company time or on a day when most employees have the day off, and these have a special way of making employees feel valuable to their employer. Because the atmosphere will be relaxed, people are likely to unwind from the usual tensions of the day-to-day grind. The end result is generally an enhanced sense of wellbeing and a tighter bond between employers and their staff.

You can even incorporate team building exercises with summer work parties by Team Tactics that involve music and art activities. They can sometimes also become a tradition that happens at intervals that people will look forward to and remember for a long time afterward. Some companies preserve their memories by posting pictures taken on a company board or by making year-end company videos that include party footage.

Special Meals

Try hosting meals in a variety of ways to congratulate your staff on their service toward your company. Some companies will host a simple lunch with a theme, while others will create a construct where the bosses will serve the employees. You can host potlucks where everyone brings in a dish or a dessert, or you can have a company picnic.

You can even hire a catering company to bring in something different, or you can take your group out to a local restaurant. Another option is to take your staff out for breakfast. Be sure to accommodate for those who have allergies, are vegan, vegetarian, on a reduced or no-sugar diet, or gluten-free.

Give Out Medals, Awards, and Plaques

There are a variety of ways that you can do this: at intervals, privately, or at a special event to commemorate achievements. You can give out points toward a certain end or give gift certificates to a local vendor. Some businesses award prizes for attendance, most improved numbers, or highest sales figures.

The applications are endless and can be tailored to your specific needs. You can have rewards programs in place to give your staff small, reachable goals to work toward, thus creating an incentive toward greater productivity.

If you’re pleased with the work your employees are doing for you, show them!