How to Reduce Cart Abandonment

How to Reduce Cart Abandonment
How to Reduce Cart Abandonment

Next to making a positive impact, many businesses work hard to ensure they sell their products and services and make a profit. This isn’t always an easy thing to do and often comes with its unique challenges. However, there are many different methods that businesses are adopting to ensure that their customers are satisfied and they’re able to generate new business. For some, it’s extending their reach to the online world and adding e-commerce as a component of their business. If you run a business that is solely online or has extended sales to a digital platform as well, you may be thinking about how you can increase sales. If that’s the case, you’re going to find a few ways that you can reduce cart abandonment in the below article.

Improve Responsiveness

When trying to reduce the occurrence of cart abandonment, it is important that you look at how responsive your website is. The last thing that busy and impatient people online want is to have to scroll through jumbled images, text, and a distorted website format. It can be frustrating as well as off-putting for anyone who’s enthusiastic about a purchase. Some ways to improve your site responsiveness include optimizing images in responsive web design, enabling compression, excluding unnecessary page elements, and picking the right hosting solution. Improving design responsiveness could also improve your SEO efforts and create an overall seamless experience.

Guest Checkout Option

At times, customers don’t follow through with a purchase because they’re unenthusiastic about filling out long and tedious forms with their personal information. For this reason, you should consider a guest checkout option that speeds up the process for them. You could always give them the opportunity to sign up to your website or mailing list once they’ve made their purchase.

Web Design

Similar to responsiveness, improving the design of your site could reduce the rate of cart abandonment. This is because the way that your website is designed has an impact on how easily users can navigate through, as well as your bounce rate. Some ways to improve your web design include using animated site navigation technology, keeping things as simple as possible, using video, and using design elements that improve SEO. For the latter, it is a good idea to contact an agency, such as Eventige if you need expertise regarding how to go about it.

Give Discount at Checkout

Sometimes all it takes to prevent cart abandonment is an incentive. One that you could offer is an exclusive discount at the checkout. There is also the option of using a floating discount bar at the top of the site to display the discount while they’re shopping. Seeing as people are usually excited about discounts, this should give them more reason to complete the purchase.

Running a business online or choosing to go down the path of e-commerce can be one that is convenient in many ways but also challenging. The online world has unique issues of its own, and one includes keeping the customer engaged until the final step of the sales funnel which is them purchasing your product or service. However, by applying some of the tips above, you should decrease the chances of them abandoning your product and see more buying customers instead.