Victor Ramos

Dr. Victor Ramos is a Full Professor at the School of Business Jack Welch Management Institute, Strayer University. He is a business research practitioner, entrepreneur and the founder of American Brokerage Firms (insurance, real estate, home mortgages and income tax service provider), Vice Chairman of Strategic Federal Credit Union, and Matrix Manager at a fortune 500 Corporation. As Vice Chairman and Matrix Manager of a fortune 500 Corporation, Dr. Ramos was instrumental in streamlining investments, worldwide financial operations and integrated enterprise management systems. Additionally, I successfully negotiated and managed multi-billion dollars business arrangements. Additionally, he has significant experiences performing marketing in support of international marketing operations. For example, while working at an international fortune 500 company, I was a member of a marketing team that marketed high technology, integrated ground commercial unmanned air vehicle systems and innovative remote maintenance operational systems in the United States and in the international marketplace. Follow him on Twitter @Dr_Ramos_V.