At Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast: NFT Artist Andrea Bonaceto Explains AB Infinite 1 Revolutionary Idea

After almost a year, Andrea Bonaceto is back on Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast with his new project AB Infinite 1, a programmable and upgradable NFT-based experience. The host and the presenter duo take their audiences through the essence of the metaverse, blockchain, innovation and art for establishing a sustainable society. 

The Italian contemporary artist and blockchain pioneer, Andrea Bonaceto, is well-known for creating colourful portraits and landscapes. Building the context from his previous interview, Dinis Guarda and Andrea journey back to the previous year when NFT rose to record levels, gaining momentum and bringing contemporary artists to a new digital era.

Talking about this multifaceted dimension of his personality, Andrea explained to Dinis:- “To have a very high profile and very high-quality effort in something, you won’t be able to do 24 hours a day, you will then start hating that thing. You really need to move from that hyper-competitive dimension of yourself. I’m just being honest with myself. As an artist, that gives me freedom – the highest ideal for human beings. My curiosity, however, makes me explore things. This all comes together to give me many faces.” 

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Technology: The modicum of creativity

Believing in art as a robust tool for bringing a technological revolution, both the creators, Dinis and Andrea, agreed on the point that technology can leverage an individual’s needs in society to be put at the centre of development. They consequently believe:- “For most of the jobs that the people are doing, AI and Robots will be able to do it better”. 

Taking this discussion forward, Dinis asked Andrea for his overview of challenges within society. He graciously replied:- “As a society, we need to understand that there are enough resources for everyone if we re-adjust a bit. I think that blockchain shows us that we all need not possibly give our data and let others profit from that. We can take control of the data we generate. So, the fact that I create value, I really hope we can resolve that part, and create incentive schemes”. 

Speaking of creating rewarding ecosystems, Andrea told Dinis that it would be a more sensical idea to create groups that have the same bigger idea. A community that is able to create influence and is active to do remarkable things deserves incentives. “We are still in the experimental phase, and such groups don’t exist still. But, generally speaking, it is important to strive toward a higher idea. It will still need a lot of trial and error. The rewarding community is a way to show a light that I’m on the right trajectory”, he said.

AB Infinite 1: Creating NFTs nested within another NFT

Andrea recently launched an exhibition of his latest artwork, AB Infinite 1, on London’s major commercial street Oxford Street. According to Dinis, this has a “metaversive” dimension to it. He appreciated Andrea:- “Your work is a bit of a metaverse because it has a huge component of interactivity, an immersive experience that is digital, and a collaborative experience”. 

Andrea told Dinis:- “AB Infinite 1 is a programmable and upgradable NFT. It means that the people who are using #abinfinite1 on social media networks actually will be able to author the piece. Your modifications get embedded in that in an abstract fashion. So, the AB Infinite 1 art changes base on the people interacting with the piece on social media networks. We’ve designed software for that”. 

The artwork represents an interactive snapshot of Andrea Bonaceto’s life in the eternal cycle that goes “ab infinite” (Latin for “from infinity”) to the origin, symbolised by the number “1”.  Andrea has curated the abstract work as AB Infinite 1 and the portraits as abstract landscapes at his installation in London.

Explaining how to participate, Andrea said:- “If you take on the portraits, you use #abinfinite1 on Twitter or Instagram, the software that we have designed takes that image and embeds the image into that piece. If you go and examine the piece, you’ll see that there are some sections that are abstract that I do, and then, there are some parts that are AI-generated. You can identify them because they are just different in colour and filling. However, they are in line with the colour and palette of the piece”. 

From a technological standpoint, Andrea further explained, this piece that is created is minted on a blockchain as an upgraded NFT using the latest NFT standard (Arch19). “There is a transaction on the blockchain, pretty much on a daily basis now for that piece, that actually upgrades the piece. And if you actually go and see the piece right now, you’ll see that it’s different from the original snapshots because some sections are different”, he said.

Dinis was interested to know how Andrea was planning to commercialise the concept. He graciously replied that the piece will go on a world tour – a major museum in Milan (Italy), China, Turkey, and Times Square (New York) before coming back to Oxford Circus London where it will be projected full size to be presented for an auction after that.

In concluding the interview, Andrea fondly said:-  “You need to make the effort to look into the future and try out the trends. Find the logical sense it makes for society. And then you need to look back from that point, and relish what you have accomplished”. 



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