15 Tips for Hosting an Outstanding Conference Session

Young Businessman Analyzing Graph While Chatting With His Colleagues
Young Businessman Analyzing Graph While Chatting With His Colleagues

Be it a start-up or a multi-national corporate firm, utilizing a conference call with providers such as Blue Jeans is essential for you to convey important issues or strike a deal in quick time. If you want to know what projectors are on the top lists, see Yaber projectors reviewed so you can have an idea of what to buy. Here are a few things to follow up in order to make an effective call:

1. Create an Agenda

In order to avoid things ending up in chaos, a clear agenda is essential for any conference or meeting, says a popular author on leadership, Scott Berkun. Participants will also be clear about what they will have to talk about, and they will be well informed about the proceedings of the meeting. Hence, an agenda should be first on the list.

2. A Brief Introduction
The participants will have to be introduced to each other before the conference or the meeting takes place. This will allow them to interact freely with each other, and it should help them to get familiar. It will also be easier to remember these people’s voices and their names.

3. Avoid Unwanted Talk
It is important that the participants adhere to the agenda very strictly and avoid unwanted talk, off topic. This will help the conference to go well as planned and there will not be any deviation. This will help in proper proceedings and will also save a lot of time for the participants.

4. Limit Electronic Gazing
During most conferences, the use of visual aids and PowerPoint presentations might have participants engrossed to the screen, rather than being involved in the meeting. Something should be done in order to stop this. Projectors could be shut down in between when someone talks in order to get their attention.

5. Focus
Focus is one of the main things during a conference. This is the reason why an agenda has to be created and followed strictly. If the conference talk goes out of focus, some participant has to bring it back.

6. Schedule Properly
The whole conference or meeting must be scheduled properly. Participants must be allotted time slots in order to convey their ideas. This will ensure that every participant gets to talk and it will also allow for better productivity of the whole meeting.

7. Reduce the Number of People
While there has to be a good number of people for the conference, it is better to keep the numbers limited. The smaller number of participants, the easier it is for the conference to proceed. If there is a large number of people, there will be more chaos.

8. Take Notes
One of the participants must take note of the proceedings and summarize them. This will be very useful even after the meeting, since it is not possible for everyone to remember everything that was discussed during the session. This is a general procedure in all conferences and it must be done with high regard.

9. Allow Participation
While the agenda must limit participation, it must also promote it. This is why every participant must be given a chance and also be allowed to voice their views. Sometimes, this allows extension of the meeting time, but it is worth the effort.

10. Punctuality
Punctuality is one of the most important aspects of any successful conference. The meeting must begin on a positive note and this is possible only when it starts at the designated time. This also provides more room for the conference to go as planned, according to the agenda.

11. Location
A proper conference hall with soundproofing and special amenities is essential to pull out a profitable meeting. It must also be equipped with the proper technology for a flawless conference, especially if it is a video conference.

12. Assignment of Roles
Proper assignment of roles to all the participants must be ensured. This will avoid chaos and also keep the participants informed of what they need to do. When roles are assigned, the participants will also have a clear idea of what they must do and this will increase the credibility of the conference.

13. Practice
As a participant, it is essential to practice what the person is going to talk during the conference. Unwanted talk should be avoided and points must be made. This will help the participant to deliver a clear and concise talk during the conference. If all participants practice before they talk, it will make the conference a whole lot better.

14. Pay Attention
It is necessary to pay attention while in a conference or a meeting. This will enhance the performance of participants, since listening is as equally important as talking.

15. Keep it Short
It is always a good practice to keep the conference around 45 minutes, say experts in audience interaction platforms. This will not only save time, but also keep the participants attentive. A longer conference will turn out to be boring and the participants will lose their attention.
These are the best ways to get the best results during a conference, be it a video or an audio call.