Web3.0 Is About To Revolutionise Travel And Tourism With Blockchain And Metaverse

Web3.0 Is About To Revolutionise Travel And Tourism With Blockchain And Metaverse

Everyone has heard about Mark Zukerberg’s big launch of the Metaverse. However, if you think only Zukerberg’s the only one with Metaverse up his sleeve, think again…

Web3.0 Is About To Revolutionise Travel And Tourism With Blockchain And Metaverse, LynKey, LYNK, Blockchain, Blockchain technology, Smart tourism, Real Estate, Proptech, 4IR
Web3.0 Is About To Revolutionise Travel And Tourism With Blockchain And Metaverse

Here are some brands that are making their way to the Metaverse:-

• After applying for the virtual trademarks, including the swoosh, and the “Just Do It” tagline, Nike plans to launch a virtual line of clothes, shoes, and accessories. It aims to make your ‘avatar’ look fabulous in the Metaverse. The brand had earlier patented “CryptoKicks” — blockchain-based sneakers. 

• Dropbox, the solution to help you keep your life organized and work moving, is another player. It is positioning itself as a storage solution where you can stash all your digital goods in the Metaverse.

• Following the lead, Microsoft aims to give MS-office a Metaverse makeover. Similarly, Epic Games, the brains behind Fortnite, is positioning itself as a Metaverse builder.

Apart from athleisure, gaming, and cloud storage, there’s another industry making headway into the Metaverse – tourism. That’s right!

LynKey, a global blockchain-powered platform, recently launched a revolutionary project aiming to tokenise worth $8+ billion of tourism property. It also offers NFT and Metaverse solutions for a luxurious travel and tourism experience.

Let’s get to the bottom of it and understand what NFTs and Metaverse are and their impact on our lives?

Understanding the Metaverse Universe

Simply put, Metaverse is a digital world operating on the blockchain. This world is scalable, interoperable, versatile, and boasts innovative technologies and models of interaction among its participants. By leveraging the power of technologies like AR and VR, the Metaverse aims to provide unlimited virtual social interaction and business opportunities. 

In other words, Metaverse is like a 3D universe that comprises thousands of processes and elements such as communications, finances, gaming, NFTs, and so much more.

But why all the hype? The primary reason is the freedom it offers; anyone in the Metaverse can create, buy and view NFTs to collect virtual estate, invest, game, and more. This opens up innumerable opportunities for tokenising real-world and digital assets. This is exactly what LynKey strives to create within its ecosystem.

LynKey aims to take the digitisation of travel and real-estate up a thousand notches. To lay the groundwork, it has initiated the digitisation of luxury tourism resorts, hotels, and real-estate at multiple locations, including Vietnam, South Africa, Singapore, United Kingdom, and soon, it’s going to be the world!

So It’s Time to Acknowledge NFTs Impact on the Metaverse

• NFTs are the Gateway to Virtual Property & Real-estate

Imagine if you could borrow money from banks and financial institutions against a valuable piece of virtual land. This means digital homes and assets will be used as collateral for loans. 

Through its platform, LynKey ensures that users can create real-time digital assets or NFTs. 

The conventional process of buying, leasing, or renting a property comes with its own set of challenges. Multiple transactions, intermediary intervention, and of course, exhaustive time and money investment are some of the general ones. 

With LynKey’s virtual real-estate in open Metaverses, you can automate and accelerate these legal processes. Smart contacts can be programmed as per your need to trigger actions and execute orders instantly. 

And what does that lead to? A hassle-free, secure, and convenient process of purchasing property-related assets. You can indulge yourself in convenient and rapid transactions for building, shares, debt or equity. 

No more waiting for weeks or even months to close your deal!

• New, Exciting Trends for the Real-estate

As NFTs become the new currency and collateral, the property and real-estate world can look forward to emerging trends. For instance, you’ll be able to use NFTs for gaining complete ownership of virtual spaces in the Metaverse. 

That’s just not it — LYNK utility tokens are tied to the actual property. LynKey has immense potential to solve liquidity and efficiency challenges in the real estate industry. As a participant, you will be able to build a diverse real-estate portfolio, without having to deal with local politics, outdated regulations, or time-taking transactions.

LynKey takes care of all of that!

Here’s What the Future of Metaverse Looks Like

There will be no more real-estate agents to intervene.

People will be able to buy real-world assets by trading NFTs.

The company’s balance sheet and other financials will include NFTs.

People will be able to use virtual digital assets or NFTs as collateral.

What are added benefits?

Selling land for profit, renting it for passive income, building various structures like online departmental stores on the existing land, hosting social events, or even going on dates! 

Therefore, NFTs bring ownership and uniqueness to the digital world. They are also the “LYNK” to the Metaverse, where everything is possible. LynKey swoops in and save the metaphorical day. 

By unleashing the powers of smart contracts, NFTs and Metaverse, LynKey aims to transform the way the real-estate economy operates. And not just that, the blockchain-powered platform also believes that the social experience will witness a dramatic upgrade as more and more people will get familiarized with this new life-altering concept.

NFT ownership will be the key to opening up a world of opportunities in the emerging Metaverses. Keeping that in mind, it wouldn’t be far off the mark to say that the future of the Metaverse looks bright, and it feels right! 

So, hop on the Metaverse train before it leaves the station, and explore the realm of LynKey ecosystem in its full vigour!

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