Video Chat Guide: Reviews and Ratings

It is no secret that today a person studies the reviews on the Internet before buying something or using a service. This is a good opportunity to learn an objective opinion about a product or a service and protect yourself. The same applies to random video chats. If you want to be sure that random chat is popular, safe and convenient, user reviews can help you with this.

We suggest you pay attention to some of the most popular, according to users, random video chats. After all, reviews on the Internet and real reviews are different things.

Video chats with strangers with the best reviews

We shall mention right away that you should not fully and blindly trust reviews and comments. Firstly, among them there might be comments that have been paid for. Secondly, over time, they become obsolete and no longer reflect the real situation. It is best to prove this with an example.

At the end of 2009 Chatroulette was launched. It became one of the first random chats and very quickly increased its audience. Accordingly, its initial reviews were extremely positive. And there were tons of them. Nevertheless, a year later, due to the lack of moderation, the website was literally flooded with dubious individuals. Adequate users quickly moved to other websites.

Using Chatroulette has become almost impossible. And a lot of positive reviews remained, although they were no longer true and relevant. Therefore, it is definitely not worth believing everything that you read on the Internet. Moreover, it concerns the information that is several years old. Let’s look at random chats with positive, and most importantly, up-to-date reviews.

  1.  Omegle. If we talk about random chat “old-timers”, Omegle is definitely one of the leaders. This chat with strangers was the first one in history and was launched half a year before Chatroulette. However, it turned out to be more successful. First of all, thanks to good moderation. Thus, the resource still remains popular, more than 10 years later after its launch. More than 20 thousand users are online at any time of the day. And the reviews about Omegle are extremely positive. The website has a simple and intuitive interface, no registration and quite decent moderation.

2. CooMeet. The developers of this resource took the basic idea of random chats but refined it a bit. Thus, CooMeet has become an excellent platform for communication with the representatives of the opposite sex. That is, if you are a man, you can only communicate with girls – the system will not connect you with other men. In the reviews, users note thorough moderation, convenient navigation, high-quality sound and video, as well as the presence of an iOS application. The latter, by the way, significantly expands the possibilities of using CooMeet. By the way, you can familiarize yourself with the reviews on the website at

3. Shagle. This chat roulette with strangers is recognized by many people as one of the fast growing and developing platforms. It is not new, because the launch of the website took place in 2010. But it is during the recent years that there has been a special interest in it. Among the positive qualities of the website, many users point out thorough moderation, an adequate and active audience, as well as a convenient and simple interface. The website has been translated into the most popular languages, so using it will definitely not cause any hassle.

4. Chatrandom. Like on Omegle, there are more than 20 thousand users online at almost any time of the day. The resource is not new, but its main feature is continuous development. While other websites stagnate, Chatrandom is developing and modernizing. For example, in 2013, the function of searching for interlocutors by gender and country of residence was added. This has allowed thousands of people to make new friends or even find a partner in their country or city.

5. Bazoocam. For a long time, this video chat was popular mainly in France. But gradually, users from other countries began to join it more actively. Today, Bazoocam is in the TOP 10 websites for casual dating. One of the key advantages of the resource, according to its users, is a very thorough moderation. It is not surprising, because according to the developers, they have more than 40 moderators. In case someone behaves improperly in a chat, breaking the rules, he/she will be banned for 20 days.

This list is based on feedback from Internet users. You can read about all these and other web chat roulettes on thematic websites. For example, here: This is a very authoritative resource that collects opinions and reviews about almost everything on the Internet. But, again, you should not trust them 100%.

Reading reviews shall become your habit

We all live during the time of purchased and fake reviews and custom reviews – this is a fact. In this stream of distorted information, it is very difficult to find the truth. This is often used by unscrupulous people. For example, some websites may collect your data, use them for their own purposes, or even sell to third parties. Therefore, you need to be very careful when you are going to use a new website for yourself.

If you are looking for a chat roulette for communication, do not rush to use the first website you find. We recommend that you study at least a dozen or two reviews and it is advisable not to choose from the first search results. You need to dig deeper, use not only special websites with reviews but also forums, discussions on social networks and other sources to form a more objective opinion and decide for yourself whether to use a particular chat roulette or to find an alternative.

Have a nice and safe chat! And remember that on the Internet the rule “trust, but verify” is especially true. Well, if you don’t have time for this, feel free to use the websites listed above. They have proven themselves in the best way and are definitely worthy of attention.


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