Using Technology to Improve Business Productivity

Using Technology to Improve Business Productivity
Using Technology to Improve Business Productivity

‘How to improve productivity in the workplace’ is a term that’s highly searched these days. And, whilst results cover answers ranging from encouraging more breaks to limiting meetings, the reality is that every workplace is different and has different requirements to ensure that everything continues running smoothly. Every employee and team is different; what might work well for one may not be any good for another. So, a wise place to start to ensure that productivity is encouraged for everybody is to ensure that the teams are given the right tools and systems available to get the job done well. Here’s how every business can use technology to ensure maximum production in the workplace.

#1. Ensure There’s a Fast, Reliable Internet Connection:

In the competitive marketplace of today, having a reliable, high-speed internet connection is absolutely essential to the productivity of your workplace. In fact, in a world that’s so reliant on the internet, downtime can cost some companies over $100,000 per minute! So, avoiding downtime when it comes to your company’s internet connection is absolutely crucial to productivity. Without a good internet connection, many employees will be left unable to perform their jobs, or if your customers rely on the internet to get in touch with you, your connection going down could lead to a lack of good service being provided.

#2. Utilize Group Chats:

Another area in which technology can help productivity in the workplace is by making it easier for colleagues to communicate with one another. Group chat apps like Google Hangouts or Slack allow teams to keep in touch with one another even if they are not based in the same building, and they make it easy to keep everybody updated on the progress of the latest project. Or, if you are heading up a project, you can use these apps to delegate tasks to specific team members quickly and clearly.

#3. Improve Your Online Presence:

If your business is small and/or fairly new, you might find that the workplace isn’t productive enough simply because there isn’t enough to do. The good news is that there are several things that everybody can do in order to improve your company’s online presence and get the word out about your brand, leading to increased reach and a growing customer base. In addition to utilizing all the tools available to improve your website and SEO, it’s a wise idea to make sure that your brand is listed on all relevant sites and industry-specific search engines like, which connects customers with manufacturers and retailers of electronic parts.

#4. Improve Work Tracking:

Using applications like Smartsheets or Trello makes it easier for all members of the team to track the progress of projects and keep on top of deadlines. These apps can easily be accessed from a web browser or downloaded to a computer and allow users to create tasks, set deadlines, share files, manage calendars, share documents and more.

When it comes to improving business productivity, the right technology can make all the difference.

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