Interoperable Metaverses And Immersive Future: Dinis Guarda Highlights ‘Step Into The Metaverse’ by Mark Rijmenam on BooksABC Series

Booksabc is the new series by author and serial entrepreneur Dinis Guarda where he presents books and authors that he feels are key for the advancement of humankind. In the second episode of the podcast, he highlights ‘Step Into The Metaverse’ authored by Mark Van Rijmenam, a digital speaker and author known widely in the technology world, whom Dinis had earlier interviewed for his YouTube podcast series.

An ardent reader, renowned author, and globally accomplished influencer, Dinis Guarda brings fresh perspectives to light through his latest series, Booksabc, where he reviews the books that have the potential to shift the paradigms of our society.

“Books are really one of the most important parameters that reflect humanity and bring out the best in it. It is through books that you create narratives and visions. Books improve and optimize our performance, our businesses, our ideas, and our way of thinking. I always see books as an augmented reality of the way we look at perception and the way we can improve everything that we are about. It is a great way of focussing on ideas and topics for improving and learning,” he said.

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BooksABC, The New Youtube Series By Author And Entrepreneur, founder of Dinis Guarda, Kicks Off With “The Metaverse Handbook” Review

After launching this series with QuHarrison Terry’s ‘The Metaverse Handbook’, he brings ‘Step Into The Metaverse’ by Mark van Rijmenam, a digital speaker, influencer, and author who is widely known in the technology world for his knowledge, insights, and strategies for businesses and future tech. The book focuses on the idea: how the immersive internet will unlock a trillion-dollar social economy. The Foreword is written by Jamie Burke, and is published by Wiley.

According to Dinis: “I think it is a powerful book, because it goes 3600 into the metaverse, and how the metaverse can create new narratives around our society.”

Mark Rijmenam’s vision of the metaverse on ‘Step Into The Metaverse’

‘Step Into The Metaverse’ creates a benchmark for key concepts like open metaverse, hybrid web, open economic system, and the immersive future. The book argues invariably about the paradigms of AR, VR, and XR, the concepts of interoperability, community-driven platforms of sovereignty, and the specialty of computer sciences.

Sharing the views of John Gaeta, creator, innovator, and executive, on the book, Dinis read out: “In ‘Step Into The Metaverse’, Mark van Rijmenam takes a comprehensive view of the converging forces that will fuse and someday become a future paradigm for human growth, prosperity, and existence.”

Dinis also read out the preface of the book, where Mark Rijmenam shares his vision and writes:

“I hope you will enjoy this journey as much as I did while uncovering this magical world where we are only bound by our own creativity. In this book, we will share my vision for the metaverse, what it can become, and how it will change our identity as well as how we play, socialise, shop, and work. If we manage to develop an open metaverse, the trillions of dollars generated will be shared with all creators and creatives.

But beware, there are dangers lurking on the road ahead that we need to think carefully about how to avoid the same mistakes as we did while building Web 2.0 or the social internet. I realise that every chapter of this book can be an entire book by itself as there is so much happening when it comes to the metaverse, and the world is constantly changing. However, I tried to keep it brief while covering as much as possible.”

Dinis highlighted the key points that make the book stand out in its category. Explaining the importance of topics like unbound creativity of creators, exponential enterprise connectivity, the creator economy, digitalisation of the metaverse, the future of the metaverse, and immersive experiences, Dinis said:

“I think it’s better to look at these topics, especially to understand better; of course, the future is what we write about, but it’s really important that we understand these things to leverage our lives.” 

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