To Digitally Empower 1.7+ Billion Global Disability Community: Citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil Partner With Ruh Global IMPACT & Billion Strong To Create Accessible Digital, Web 3.0 Solutions

98% of the world’s top one million websites don’t offer full accessibility to the 1.7 plus billion people with disabilities. To tackle this, – the global digital certification blockchain and AI-powered directory and – the Metaverse for cities directory with an NFT marketplace have partnered with leading inclusion organisations: Ruh Global IMPACT & Billion Strong.

To Digitally Empower 1.7+ Billion Global Disability Community: Citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil Partner With Ruh Global IMPACT & Billion Strong To Create Accessible Digital, Web 3.0 Solutions

Data from the UN and global leading organisations highlights that more than 25% of the world’s population (1.7+ billion people) experience some form of disability. A large proportion of disabilities occur in the developing world. If we add to this the lack of accessible digital platforms, the problem becomes even more pronounced, as 98% of the world’s top one million websites do not offer full accessibility to people with disabilities.

Ruh Global IMPACT an international social enterprise accessibility and inclusion consultancy and Billion Strong, a Global Nonprofit Organisation, focused on identity and empowerment for the 1.7 Billion persons with disabilities, has signed an agreement with the digital Metaverse platforms and leadership from and created and powered by ztudium Limited in developing an accessible immersive digital web 3.0 Metaverse, inclusive, and engaging technology Lab and platform to create empowering solutions for everyone of this community.

Digitally accessible platforms should pledge to focus their efforts on three main areas: hearing, vision, and colour blindness. And those are the principles that this partnership will focus on: to develop a series of digital toolsets within their platforms to make sure they are fully accessible to all while building an accessible index tech to reflect access to these platforms with an all-inclusive metaverse that bridges the gap between the real and digital world with augmented experiences.

Building all-inclusive digital platforms for billions of people with disabilities

The joint venture’s mission is to improve the lives of the often-ignored, disenfranchised, global disability communities. The term “Persons with Disability” (PWDs) refers to individuals who suffer long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which, upon interaction with various barriers, may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others. This includes hundreds of millions of children, adults, senior citizens and refugees.

“We believe in creating a better world which is supporting the 25% plus of the global population with disabilities, using accessibility ESG-focused tools, technology, that offers a support system to those unable to see, move or having issues as simple as moving from their home or sending an email or reading a website. Accessibility and sustainability are critical elements that can improve billions of people’s lives and just offering simple digital enabling accessibility tools can make a big difference. Being the son and cousin of two people with serious disabilities I understand how this is important for families all over the world. With this partnership we aim to achieve our targets by using digital tools, widgets, creating a world-first accessibility index, to have real-time information about these areas,” said Dinis Guarda, founder of ztudium, openbusinesscouncil and citiesabc.

The two organizations and platforms: openbusinesscouncil and citiesabc, have been working on tackling this challenge for the 1.7+ billion that are left aside, digitally wise. That is why the three partners have agreed to collaborate on enabling powerful accessibility solutions within citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil digital transformation platforms. These aim to be immersive, digitally inclusive, and accessible for businesses and city-based ecosystems. The platform’s services offer will include commerce, community-driven experiences, solutions, marketplaces, and rewards for creators, organisations, and other users – a win-win for all.

“Ruh Global IMPACT and Billion Strong are proud to work collaboratively with citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil created by ztudium Limited to build accessibility technology and digital tools that both recognizes and honours our diversity by creating an environment that is accessible and inclusive. Our goals is to make These platforms a practical and solution-driven set of tools and solutions for the disabilities community and being a beacon for positive human exchange and empowering.” – Debra Ruh – said CEO of Ruh Global IMPACt and Billion Strong Chairman.

As a nonprofit organisation, Billion Strong is creating a community focused on identity, pride and an exceptional user experience for the two platforms. The parties plan to co-develop and launch software designed to improve accessibility across the family of organisations at ztudium.

Ruh Global IMPACT and Billion Strong will also engage their Country Partners and Global Disability Persons Organisations (DPO) to assure access for all in both the openbusinesscouncil and citiesabc platforms.

Digital Inclusion: the Accessibility Index and the Metaverse Future

Citiesabc is a pioneer of the Accessibility Index: one part of the citiesabc digital tool sets for bringing digital accessibility to the forefront. This Index is a valuable tool for individuals, governments, researchers, and academics. It provides a general overview of the state of the conversation surrounding accessibility in both digital and physical cities, countries, and globally. It provides tools to evaluate the effectiveness of public policy and corporate initiatives in creating a more accessible world.

The mission

“We are also working on building an open API accessibility system, research papers and tools for anyone in the world to be able to the building up accessible websites, social media interactions, cybersecurity capabilities, accessibility-powered fintech, Blockchain, and big data – all working in tandem to provide a secure, easy to use, seamless digital platforms by billions of people that struggle every day to do it. And working together with the disabilities expert teams and community of Billion Strong will allow us to achieve that,”  added Dinis Guarda.

Notably, this collaborative effort goes beyond these two initial platforms and pushes joint development well into the future. Focusing on the areas of data usage and Artificial Intelligence, the aim is to create and offer special software solutions to improve accessibility in Web 3.0 and the Metaverse for persons with disabilities. These solutions will be compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and accessible videos that will launch the user into an immersive 3-D experience within the ztudium platforms.

About ztudium Limited

ztudium is a global leading maker of industry 4IR Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and research. We build software, research products and service solutions, using blockchain, AI and digital transformation DNA. We create proprietary leading platforms, and software products for businesses and governments. Ztudium has built a global ecosystem reaching over 1 million people a month and has built a revolutionary set of SaaS products. We are focusing on growth and establishing a globally leading organisation tackling and offering solutions to the 90% of the global society and economy that is not digitally transformed.

About Ruh Global IMPACT

Ruh Global IMPACT is a for-profit social enterprise consultancy that focuses on accessibility, inclusion, and universal design principles and practices for larger multinational organizations, governmental agencies, smart city development, digital twins, web 3.0 and metaverses. With over 35 years as a recognized global leader in this field, Ruh Global has a rich history of experience.

About Billion Strong Corp.

Billion Strong is a nonprofit organization designed to bring the global voices of the billions of persons with disabilities together. Its goal is to unite, elevate and empower the global community of persons with disabilities to develop a positive disability identity so that we can come together and create positive change. Billion Strong is creating a fully accessible platform that will allow the global community of individuals to connect with each other, and with corporations, governments, and with global Disability Persons Organisations.