Why SMS Marketing Should Still be on Your List of Marketing Techniques

Why SMS Marketing Should Still be on Your List of Marketing Techniques
Why SMS Marketing Should Still be on Your List of Marketing Techniques

Why SMS Marketing Should Still be on Your List of Marketing Techniques

When we strategize about marketing nowadays, social media marketing and email marketing usually take precedence. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the days of using text messages for customer communication are over by any means. In fact, they still continue to be quite an effective way to keep in touch with your customers by providing them with the latest updates regarding discounts, offers, policy changes, etc. This is especially the case with things like political campaigns as well, as there is software available that helps with political SMS marketing. In order to elaborate the point further, let’s take a look at the following advantages which prove that SMS marketing should still very much be one of your prime marketing techniques.

“Instant” Messaging

Before there was WhatsApp, WeChat, or even Blackberry Messenger, there was SMS, and the best part is that it still is the most reliable form of instant communication out there. Most, if not all other messaging services work only when you are online, but a text message will get to your customer no matter where they are, as long as they have even a single bar of reception. Besides, marketing through text messages includes using the latest data based messengers as well, so you won’t be leaving any stones unturned. Whatever the medium, the point is that text messages are a way to instantly reach your customers and chances are that most of them will at least read your messages, unless you are sending them too frequently.

Customers (Mostly) Read their Texts

When you compare the open rate of SMS communications to that of email communications, it becomes apparent why SMS marketing continues to be a part of every successful business marketing strategy, even today. Communicative emails have an open rate of less than 30%, while text messages have an astounding open rate of more than 90%, which is the highest across all forms of marketing communication methods in use today.

The Rate of Response is Excellent

As should be common with any form of marketing technique which has such an excellent open rate, SMS also has a good record when it comes to customer engagement and response. About 17% of the customers are found to respond to SMS communication and given that email has a response rate below 5%, one would say that’s pretty impressive!

The More Efficient Brother of Email Marketing

SMS communication is, in fact, the smaller and more efficient brother of email marketing, which originally replaced direct-mail marketing. Text messages are concise, to the point and, usually, contain just one relevant link to the desired landing page. If you need some more SMS marketing help to get you started on the right path or if you could use a boost to your current SMS promotion strategy, you should visit Reach Interactive for more info.
To be honest, the days of direct mail (or junk mail as it’s mostly called) marketing have almost faded away. It’s not only a wastage of paper that we can all do without but responding to traditional emails is almost a redundant process now. Unless your customer base is very old and they prefer to do things only in the traditional way, it is quite hard to convince someone to make the effort of writing a reply, filling up a form, and going out to post it, if he/she can do all that right from his/her smartphone with a few taps.