Tips For Writing An Impressive Resume

Tips for Writing an Impressive Resume
Tips for Writing an Impressive Resume

Writing about yourself isn’t always the easiest of tasks, but when it comes to putting together your resume, painting yourself in the most positive light possible is essential for attracting potential employers and landing the job position of your dreams. Whether you are looking for a part time job to see you through university or have just graduated and are looking for your first position in the career world, paying careful attention to put together an impressive resume can be hugely influential when it comes to landing the job that you want. We’ve put together some top tips to help you update your resume and put yourself in with a better chance of landing the job that you’re applying for.

Include a Personal Statement
Use the beginning of your resume to write a short personal statement about yourself, which you can use to summarize your qualifications, skills, experience and everything else that you will bring to any potential employers. Your personal statement is a crucial part of your resume as it is usually the first part that any potential new employers or recruiters will read when they go over your resume along with other applicants’. Creating a personal statement which helps you to stand out and grabs the attention of the reader is important and can definitely make sure that your resume ends up on the interview pile, rather than on the reject pile. See Employment Boost for more information on professional resume and personal statement writing.

Include Your Skills
Your resume is the perfect platform to show off your academic achievements and brag about your work experience, but you should make sure not to forget the skills that you have acquired over the years, either. If you’re excellent at managing your own time, or have fine-tuned your teamwork and communication skills, mentioning these on your resume can help your potential new employer to learn more about you and decide whether or not you will be a good fit for their company. Transferable skills which you have learned from previous work experience, academic study, or even from your hobbies and interests can definitely help your resume to be more interesting and impressive.

Start with the Best
When writing a resume, your main goal is to make a great first impression on any potential employers who you have applied for a position with. Starting with your best achievements and working down to the less impressive ones is a good way to grab the attention of any potential employers reading your resume and make sure that they don’t miss the things that you want them to know about the most. For example, if your academic history isn’t that strong but you have a lot of work experience, placing past experience before qualifications on your resume can help you to make a better first impression. On the other hand, graduates with little work experience might want to talk about their college achievements first before mentioning previous positions. This is why it is important to consider professional resume services.

Check Your Grammar
Spelling and grammatical errors can definitely be off-putting to employers when reading a resume, and regardless of your achievements and listed transferable skills, a badly-written resume which is riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes can often be a deal breaker for many employers when it comes to deciding who they are going to invite back for an interview. Ensuring that you proof-read your resume, or even ask somebody else to proof-read it for you in order to detect any mistakes and ensure that it flows well is important if you’re hoping to make a great first impression and put yourself in with a better chance of landing the job.

Get to the Point
When writing your resume, putting yourself in the reader’s shoes can help you to create one which is more impressive and enjoyable to read for many employers. When writing your resume, you should aim to keep it on no more than two pages, and keep things to the point without any unnecessary explanations or information. This will not only make it easier for potential employers to read, it’s also the best way to ensure that they get the main information that they need about you in order to make a decision in the shortest possible time. Remember that employers will probably be reading your resume along with hundreds of others, so it’s important to make sure that you don’t take up too much of their time or bore them half way through reading.
Writing an impressive resume is often essential to landing the job!