These are some of the best VPN services available

These are some of the best VPN services available

These are some of the best VPN services available

The internet represents a modern opportunity for speed and efficiency that everyone has access to. While there are such things as safe locations online, there are also a lot of places online that will attempt to intrude your privacy and take advantage of the fact that you’re not protected.

Many internet users are browsing with the concern that they might be attacked or harassed, or that malicious entities might try to use their personal information against them. There are ways to combat this though, and those who want to stay protected and also make sure that they are browsing safely have this option.

VPN services such as Cyberghost are able to provide anonymity on the internet and keep user’s personal details such as their location hidden from anyone they don’t want to see it. There are many VPN services available, and some might find it difficult to surf through all the options that are available. That’s why we’re taking the time to take a look at some of the best VPN services available at the moment.


This is a good solution for VPN that many users have found useful and efficient. Using the internet through an unsecured public network can be dangerous for both user and computer, so it’s better to have VPN protection enabled. IPVanish can do this for users seamlessly and keep them out of harm’s way.

It’s quite expensive unfortunately, which is a major drawback for many. Additionally, the user interface could also do with a revamp as in its current state it isn’t very welcoming. On the flip side, it comes with access to hundreds of servers spread around the world. And what’s more important for many, it is compatible with torrents.

Hide My Ass VPN

Hide My Ass VPN is another great solution for when VPN is needed.  It has its infrastructure built across numerous countries as far as servers are concerned and its user interface is very friendly, which is a big perk. BitTorrent  is also allowed, which only adds to the service’s quality.

On the downside, it’s pretty expensive and comes with just two licenses for every subscription. There’s no free version to this service and ad blocking is also lacking.


This VPN service comes with a well spread platform around the globe and it features torrent, p2p capabilities. The interface is also easy to use and understand. OpenVPN protocol is at home here, which is always good to have. The only bad part is that users can’t have many simultaneous connections.  And there’s also no ad block. Check out this specific ExpressVPN review for more key details and features.

One of these VPN solutions is bound to do a good job in protecting you and your system against any kind of threat that might surface while browsing the internet. With other features like p2p and adblock included in the mix, there’s quite a bit of versatility to go around.