The Real Reasons Not to Pay for Papers

The Real Reasons Not to Pay for Papers. Photo by Edubirdie

At one point or another the question arises for every university or college student, should you pay someone to write your essay? It could be on the first day of class when the Political Science 101 professor assigned a demanding first term paper or at 1:00am on a Tuesday when an essay is due by noon on Wednesday. Perhaps, it is after receiving a low mark on a paper you spent hours researching and writing and felt it deserved a top grade.
In each of these instances, the temptation to pay someone who appears more experienced, knowledgeable, or prepared is strong. However, it is in overcoming this temptation that students learn the real purpose and lessons of higher education.

Who Accepts Payment for a Writing

Many students would not know where to begin in the search to find a professional company or other student to write a paper for payment. However, a simple search online reveals that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that claim to write error free, original papers for students of all levels.

The Pros of Paying Someone

There are obvious benefits to paying another student or professional company to write a college paper or essay, otherwise it would not be so tempting. The most obvious point in the pro list is receiving a good grade for your paper. If a more knowledgeable or older student undertakes your work, it seems more likely that the paper will be well written, nicely organized, and result in a higher grade. However, it is important to remember that every professor grades differently, and even with a professional company this is not an assurance.

Another benefit of paying someone to write a paper is that frees up significant time to focus on another course or project. At times, students find that an elective class or introductory class occupies time and effort that would be preferably directed towards a course in the student’s major. Students could also find that this time can be spent with friends or relaxing.

The Cons of Paying Someone

Despite the seductive reasons to pay someone to write your essay, it must be agreed that there are many more cons and drawbacks to paying for an essay. First and foremost there is the possibility that your professor detects the plagiarism and deceit. If this occurs, it could result in a failing grade in the class, suspension from a semester of university, or worse. Universities impose harsh punishments on cheating, plagiarism, and submitting another person’s work as deterrent to the behavior. The risk of these punishments and negative consequences is far worse than slogging through that Political Science 101 essay or learning the material to write a summary of your Chemistry lab results.

Second, the reason students enter university is to learn new information and gain academic experience. A student who chooses not to complete his or her own work will learn or progress. This ignores the very reason students enroll at university in the first place. Third, not learning the material, submitting your own work, and earning the grade is a waste of the hefty tuition dollars paid for higher education, and ultimately the four years spent at university.

The Most Important Con of All

Finally, the most important reason not to pay someone to write your paper is because of personal integrity. The moments when students are tempted to have a professional or other student write a paper is when there is an acute fear of failure. At time you put forth other excuses, such as not having enough time or not being interested in the topic or subject.
While these could contribute to the motivation to cheat and pay someone to write an essay, the underlying reason is a fear of your own work not being good enough. These are the times to overcome this fear and show your personal integrity.