Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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How Platform Coops Are Taking Advantage of Innovative Funding Models

In recent years, economic news has increasingly become dominated by the emergence of the gig economy and its potential. Its explosive growth has come...

The New Startup Paradigm

Startups are innovative companies, through which younger generations of entrepreneurs access capital and then reach the market in this new economic era. For the past ten years...

Penta A Team of Artists, Engineers, Geeks Launching a Bank for...

Can a team of rebels artists, engineers and geeks based in Berlin launch a Fintech bank for small and medium businesses owners? Yes it is...

Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding (part 2)

How to prepare for a successful project on a Crowdfunding website

Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding (part 1)

What is Crowdfunding and Why Do It?

Venture Capitalists Rush to Fund Big Data Startups

IDC predicts that the market for technology for big data capture, storage and management is growing nearly 32 percent per year and could reach...