Strategic Insights For Mobile Disruption: The State Of Mobile 2024

The State of Mobile 2024 Report by addresses some key questions: the challenges faced by social media teams, the allocation of budgets, the utilisation of social listening by brands, and the integration of AI in daily marketing routines. The insights and perspectives in the report empower and enhance the marketing strategy of the readers.

Strategic Insights For Mobile Disruption: The State Of Mobile 2024

Looking back to the year 2023, the world of social media realises many unique opportunities and transformative changes, including the transformative AI advancements, rebranding of Twitter as X, and the introduction of Threads by Meta.

With new evolving tech trends, mobile usage across the world is also evolving, reshaping the way we work, communicate, and consume content. In a bid to navigate the ever-evolving mobile landscape, has unveiled the highly anticipated State of Mobile 2024 report, a comprehensive guide designed to empower businesses and individuals seeking to maximise their mobile performance in the coming year.

The State of Mobile 2024 report offers a sneak peek into the numerical landscape that will define the year. From high-growth sectors ready for mobile disruption to the pervasive influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the report spans 11 diverse industries and 30 markets, providing a detailed panorama of the mobile ecosystem.

The State of Mobile 2024 report from indicates a resilient mobile ecosystem with 257 billion app store downloads, showcasing a steady 1% Year-over-Year (YoY) growth. The app store spend demonstrates robust financial engagement, reaching $171 billion, marking a notable 3% YoY growth. The report also records a 6% YoY growth in total hours spent on mobile platforms, reaching an impressive 5.1 trillion hours, reflecting the sustained and expanding influence of mobile technology in daily lives.

Here are the key highlights of the State of Mobile 2024 Report:

The status of the social program according to the State of Mobile 2024 Report

Many companies face challenges in transitioning theoretical understanding of the importance of social media into practical execution. According to the survey, 32% of respondents with a dedicated social media team are still in the process of defining a strategy, while 24% have a strategy but lack the necessary resources for execution.

The data reveals a significant need for organisations to bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and effective implementation in their social media programs.

State of Mobile 2024 Report: An Outlook On Social Media In 2024

Despite the constraints on social media teams, a majority of respondents acknowledge the significance of maintaining a social media presence. The survey indicates that, in 2024, a slim majority of participants express interest in dedicating more time to social media. Notably, only 6% foresee social media playing a less important role in the future.

The findings underscore a prevailing recognition among professionals regarding the ongoing and growing relevance of social media, despite existing challenges and limitations in organisational capacities.

Navigating mobile disruption: Insights from The State of Mobile 2024 Report

The State of Mobile 2024 report delves into high-growth sectors and emerging trends, offering strategic insights for businesses aiming to navigate the landscape of mobile disruption in 2024. Additionally, the report explores the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the mobile industry, providing businesses across various sectors with guidance on integrating AI for enhanced user experiences and streamlined processes.

Recognising regional variations, the report spotlights dominant apps and games in each area, emphasizing the importance of understanding diverse preferences for effective mobile strategies. Furthermore, the report unveils global trends in app usage, downloads, and revenue, empowering businesses to align their objectives with the dynamic pulse of the mobile market for sustained relevance and profitability.