3 Tasks You Will Do as a Social Media Manager

3 Tasks You Will Do as a Social Media Manager

Social media management is a relatively new career. Just a decade or two ago, this job didn’t exist. But with the ever-increasing popularity of social media, brands are now looking for social media experts to help them with their online marketing campaigns. working as a Social Media Manager needs some skills.

3 Tasks You Will Do as a Social Media Manager

3 Tasks You Will Do as a Social Media Manager

For a social media manager , life is about creating amazing digital marketing strategies and building online communities. They live and breathe digital media and they’re professionals when it comes to growing a social media account.

Despite what many people believe, social media management isn’t an easy job. It takes a lot of strategic planning and clever insight to come up with an effective digital marketing campaign. It also takes lots of passion and creativity.

If you possess all of these qualities, social media management might be right up your street! You might be curious as to what you will do as the organizer of multiple social media accounts.

Here’s a breakdown of three of the key tasks you will be performing each week as a social media manager.

Creating Online Content

One of the main roles of a social media manager is content creation. This can include content across every social media platform, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

You may be asked to create graphics using an Instagram post maker or engaging videos for TikTok. As you will be the expert in multiple social media channels, you are likely to know which types of content will be best received on each individual platform.

Not every brand will require you to produce content but it’s always a helpful skill to have in your portfolio.

Producing Detailed Content Strategy

Most brands hire social media managers to help them with their content strategies.

A contact strategy is a detailed breakdown of the specific content that the brand is going to post within the upcoming month. It should reflect the brand’s values and focus on its unique selling point to attract new followers and reach every business goal.

Content strategy planning takes a lot of thought and patience but it will be one of the most rewarding aspects of your role as a social media manager. You can watch your client’s brands gain traction and reach new heights knowing you’ve helped them to get there!

Tracking Analytics

When your strategy has been put into place, you are also responsible for tracking the progress of this strategy. This involves looking at specific metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and saves.

The ultimate goal of most brands is to drive traffic to their website and increase their sales, so you will also need to track how many leads and conversions have been generated through particular social media posts within the campaign.

Monitoring social media analytics is important to make sure your clients are on track to reach their goals. If the campaign is not generating the results that the brand had hoped for, you might have to readjust your strategy and try a different angle.