Speed is Everything – Why You Should Get CDN

Speed is Everything – Why You Should Get CDN

Modern technology has made newer generations extremely sensitive to waiting times. In most part you can’t really blame them because everything around them is now being designed to fulfill our wishes as soon as we ask, maximum accuracy and efficiency being keywords in our day to day life philosophy. That being said, those that want to manage a website need to take this into consideration because if they wait too long before they can get on the website, a lot of people will just close the tab. If you want to have a successful website you need to also be able to adapt to that reality.

This shouldn’t be much of a problem when you’re talking about local connections, but what do you do about those who are trying to access your website from very far away? For them, connectivity can be sluggish and latency might be a huge problem that ruins their experience with your website. Luckily, there is a solution for this sort of problem: CDN. The great thing about it is that you can easily get your hands on cheap CDN, but what does it do?

So what’s CDN and why is it good? Simple, CDN represents Content Delivery Network and just as the name suggests, it’s a service that certain companies can provide, which allows you to store your website information on multiple servers. These servers which belong to the CDN provider are placed everywhere on the planet. The more servers available the better the connection so it’s a service best taken advantage of when there are many cache servers available.

When it comes to how exactly CDN works, there are a few thing to keep in mind. If you look at people clicking to access your website or access a specific page or bit of content off your website as a request, this will be a lot easier to explain. Basically, these requests, which represent people’s demands through clicking and accessing stuff on your site, need to reach the server. If your main server is very far away from them, as previously mentioned, it’s going to be a bumpy and inefficient ride. But, if you have all these CDN servers everyone on the globe, the closest one to the person making the request will be used to download the accessed website information to that user’s computer. And the CDN servers repeat this process for every action that people visiting your website will perform on said website.

There are quite a couple of things that get improved when CDN is implemented. For starters, the main thing that changes are the loading speeds. Loading speeds can make the difference between a successful website and a not so successful website. People won’t have the patience to “sit all day” for your website to load. Making it as fast as possible will significantly boost efficiency. Other benefits are performance, response times and even uptime if you move from a partial deal to a 24/7 deal through CDN.